Strong Advocates
For the Injured And For A Safer Iowa

When Dangerous And Defective Products Injure Iowans

At Galligan Law, we practice product liability law not only to help individuals and families recover compensation after they have been injured but also to give manufacturers and vendors strong incentives to prevent harm to others. Our twin goals in our product liability practice are to gain relief for our clients and make Iowa safer for consumers.

Attorney Brian P. Galligan, law firm partners with a proven track record. Obtaining justice is our passion when a client has been injured or has lost a loved one. We are prepared to advocate skillfully on your behalf after you have been harmed while using a dangerous or defective product, such as the following:

  • Consumer and workplace products:
    • Household products, including appliances, tools, toys and cleaning products
    • Tools and equipment used in construction, industrial facilities and other workplace settings
    • Automobiles, trucks, boats and other motor vehicles
  • Medical products, including medical devices, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and other pharmaceutical products
  • Dangerous and defective drugs, including drugs under a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall

How Our Firm Stands Out: Up To Speed And Ready To Roll

We are committed to creating a safer Iowa through our product liability practice. This means preparing every case as if it’s going to trial. Our litigation firm has a strong referral network. Wherever you are in the U.S., if you are preparing for litigation with a national scope, our Iowa attorneys can update you on the progress so far of any drug or product litigation in this state or elsewhere. We are familiar with the latest cases covering injuries caused by dangerous medications like Zantac, defective hip implants and other hazardous health care products.

Consequences of serious harm done by such products may include more medical bills, income lost through time off work and a loss of enjoyment of life. We have delivered many noteworthy case results. Preventing future harm to Iowans is a parallel mission in every product liability case that we participate in. Our clients often share our passion for protecting others after suffering harm because of dangerous products. Simply put, we never want to miss out on an opportunity to make our state safer for consumers and patients.

Sometimes, prevention efforts mean getting laws passed to hold manufacturers and others to higher standards. Attorney Brian Galligan plays an active role in legislative advisory activities. In this way, our law firm leads the way in product safety advocacy. If we could work our way out of business, that would be ideal. Until that happens, however, we will continue to fight for safety and advocate for our fellow Iowans who put their trust in approved, marketed medical products.

Let A Trial Lawyer Evaluate Your Case After A Product Has Caused Harm

After you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident involving a defective product, we will listen to your story, review the facts, and, if appropriate, consult experts in pursuit of the truth. If your case has merit, we will be ready to prepare your injury claim for trial, if necessary.

To schedule a free consultation with a respected, accomplished product liability lawyer in Des Moines with strong connections statewide and nationwide, call Local: 515-316-6179 or email us.