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Our Record Of Results In Getting Justice For Injured Iowans

Getting results, for us at Galligan Law, means getting justice and relief for our clients and their families to help them meet the challenges that they courageously face after suffering in serious accidents. Through hard work investigating, documenting and negotiating claims, we settle many cases confidentially. As we respect our clients’ privacy, we cannot list many of the most remarkable case outcomes that we have achieved together with our clients, often in pretrial proceedings.

Noteworthy Settlements And Verdicts Obtained

Overall, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of people harmed through others’ negligence. We do regularly take cases to trial. Several standout verdicts have included the following:

  • A $1.6 million verdict in a commercial vehicle accident case
  • A $5.5 million verdict in a birth injury case
  • A $7 million verdict in a wrongful death claim stemming from a fatal traffic accident

While some of these case outcomes appear impressive – and, indeed, made a great difference for injured people and their families – it is important to note that we do not measure results only in terms of dollar amounts. Success at Galligan Law means not only getting justice for individuals in particular cases but also helping make Iowa safer overall.

Through our law practice, we hold negligent parties accountable. Through our legislative and educational efforts, we promote laws and practices that will protect the rights and interests of all consumers, motorists, and other residents and visitors to our state.

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