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Motorcycle safety concerns Iowa riders should be aware of

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Auto Accidents |

Few things can be as liberating as cruising down an open Iowa highway on a motorcycle. Most biking enthusiasts may agree that feeling the wind rush around them and the sun on their faces induces a feeling of pure freedom. However, before throwing on a helmet and hitting the road, safety should be at the top of any motorcyclist’s mind.

This is because while the Hawkeye State offers stunning landscapes to explore on two wheels, troubling trends in motorcycle fatalities necessitate a renewed focus on safe riding practices. As stated in a recent press release by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, the state is witnessing a troubling rise in motorcycle-related deaths.

Alarming trends in motorcycle fatalities

Following a press release on April 2024, it is clear that more and more motorcyclists are meeting sudden and unfortunate deaths on the open roads. It’s alarming how the number of fatalities continues to spike despite various safety campaigns and regulations. This may indicate potential gaps in safety measures and public awareness. Several culprits may be responsible for this disturbing trend. They include:

  • Frequent traffic snarl-ups
  • High-speed motorcycle racing among bikers
  • Distractions while riding
  • Inadequate investment in proper safety gear among motorcyclists

The Hawkeye State mandates all motorists to wear helmets before setting out to ride. This is a non-negotiable safety measure because helmets can significantly lower the risk of head injuries among riders in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Investing in high-visibility clothing can also help improve biker safety by making them more noticeable to other drivers. Furthermore, biker gloves and sturdy footwear are more than just accessories; gloves provide a firm grip on the handlebars, and the right footwear can protect bikers’ ankles from injuries.

Rider education courses

Beginner, intermediate and advanced riders can all benefit from motorcycle rider education courses. Basic rider courses target beginners, while returning rider courses are ideal for experienced riders who want to bolster their skills and knowledge. Rider education courses focus on:

  • Refreshing experienced riders’ skills
  • Teaching all riders safe maneuvering
  • Empowering riders with risk awareness techniques

Promoting these programs and making them more accessible can enhance riders’ ability to handle their motorcycles and respond to hazards effectively.

The spike in biker fatalities in the Hawkeye State is a pressing issue that requires concerted efforts from pertinent stakeholders. Riders ought to prioritize safety by wearing helmets and undergoing proper training. Drivers can also make a difference by being more aware of and accommodating to riders. Meanwhile, motorcyclists who get injured in accidents may benefit from seeking legal help to determine if they can be compensated for their damages.