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An Overview of Recent Drug Recalls

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Defective Products |

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for testing the safety of drugs and medical devices before they become available. However, early testing doesn’t always catch problems, which can have disastrous medical consequences on the public. When these are found, the FDA can issue additional warnings or drug recalls to pull the product from the market.

Medical manufacturers fear these additional penalties because it can open them up to lawsuits from the public, and rightfully so. The manufacturers are ultimately responsible for the creation and sale of the product. When a product causes damage to the public, the people then have a right to sue for damages.


Notable Recent Drug Recalls and Device Warnings

Below is a summary of some drugs and devices that have led to lawsuits due to alleged dangers:

Baby powder – Natural talc is often found with asbestos, a natural mineral and a known carcinogen. Several women have sued due to contracting reproductive cancers due to decades of use of baby powder.


Pelvic meshes – Mesh surgeries are receiving world-wide scrutiny due to the damage the procedure can cause. People have complained of infections and intense pain caused by these meshes.


Power morcellators – These devices promised a replacement for traditional and invasive uterine fibroid surgery. However, these devices were found to spread hidden cancer cells and carcinogens throughout the abdominal cavity.


Eliquis and similar blood thinners – These were meant as a replacement for the drug warfarin (coumadin), which requires regular blood testing and dietary changes to remain effective. However, these drugs have no antidotes in the case of uncontrolled bleeding and several deaths have resulted.


Actos – This is a drug that was meant to treat type-2 diabetes and it does it well. However, it was found that those who take it for a year or more are at a much higher risk of bladder cancer. This is an example of a drug that passed early FDA testing but failed in long-term use.


Invokana – Another type-2 diabetes drug, this one was recalled due to an increase in kidney and heart damage, as well as an increase in ketoacidosis. This is an extremely dangerous condition for diabetics.


Kombiglyze – This is a combination of two other type-2 diabetes drugs that tried to mimic hormones in the body that help control blood sugar. Unfortunately, the combination has caused heart failure, kidney disease, and several types of cancers.


Zofran – Zofran is a drug that’s used to treat nausea in chemotherapy patients. However, it was used “off-label” to treat nausea caused by morning sickness. An off-label treatment is when a drug is used for a medical purpose other than intended by a medical professional. While the treatment did work, Zofran caused birth defects.

Why You Should Start a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit

The first step to getting a drug recalled by the FDA is for a brave person to step forward and say that there is a problem. When enough evidence is gathered, the FDA can call for further studies or halt the sale of the drug or device. If you believe that you have been harmed significantly by a medical procedure or a drug, you deserve to have your case heard.

Our lawyers have years of expertise dealing with dangerous pharmaceutical drug lawsuits. We also have a wide network of connections who will provide strength to your case and help you win the damage awards you deserve.

Your voice could save the lives of thousands or even millions of others. If you live in Iowa, Galligan Law can help you. Call today for a free consultation.