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Des Moines woman faces charges for fatal hit-and-run accident

It is common sense, but those hit by cars or trucks while walking do not have as many protections as the driver inside of the vehicle. These pedestrians who are hit by cars tend to run the risk of suffering from very serious injuries that can even be fatal. When this happens, a pedestrian accident can end up leading not only to criminal charges against the driver responsible for the crash, but it can also mean a wrongful death lawsuit against that driver.

At this point, a Des Moines woman is facing criminal charges in relation to a pedestrian accident where she is accused of striking a man who was crossing the street. The pedestrian, a 58-year-old, died the day after being struck.

In looking at the crash, the 58-year-old was crossing the street on March 16 when he was hit by a vehicle. After the accident the vehicle left the scene and investigators started looking for the driver of a white Jeep Cherokee that was seen on a surveillance video near the accident.

Tips started to come into the Des Moines Police Department, which led officials to the 26-year-old. She is now facing a number of charges, including driving while barred and failure to render aid causing death.

In looking at this case, while she is already facing criminal charges, there is the chance the family of the 58-year-old will also file a wrongful death lawsuit in an attempt to hold her accountable for any negligence on her part that led to the crash.

In general, when it comes to wrongful death lawsuits, while the lawsuit cannot change what happened, some do find peace of mind in holding a negligent driver accountable. It also sends a message and perhaps prevents the driver from causing similar accidents again in the future.

Source: Quad-City Times, "Iowa woman charged in fatal hit-and-run accident," April 2, 2013

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