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Rainy conditions cause two-car crash on Iowa Interstate

Drivers in Iowa understand that weather conditions often contribute to dangerous road conditions. Whether it is windy, snowing, hailing or raining, drivers should adjust their driving for inclement weather. In most cases, this means turning on their headlights, reducing speeds and double-checking their mirrors and blind spots. Failure to adjust during dangerous road conditions could result in a serious or even fatal accident.

Iowa State Patrol recently responded to a car accident that involved a pickup truck and a car. According to reports, the fatal crash occurred on interstate 80 in the afternoon. The driver of the car was traveling westbound on the interstate when they lost control of their vehicle. This caused them to strike the center median and reenter traffic.

Motorcyclist pronounced dead in Iowa crash

As spring starts to bring more and more warm weather, residents of Iowa begin to see more and more motorcyclists on the roadways. Whether they are going out for a quick ride on a gorgeous day, are using it to travel to their destination or are going through the state as they travel across the nation, these small vehicles could include some serious risks. Unlike other automobiles, not many safety features exist. This means that if a motorcycle accident were to occur, a motorcyclist could easily be thrown from their bike, causing serious or even fatal injuries.

Following a crash just north of the Quad Cities, a motorcyclist was killed. The accident took place on the 3800 block of Highway 136 just two miles east of Goose Lake. The fatal motorcycle crash happened around 7:30 p.m. when they were struck by a vehicle. The details surrounding the incident were not reported at this time.

Motorcyclist injured in Iowa DUI crash

For some Iowa residents, the warm weather that spring brings also brings out motorcycles. These small vehicles are often driven for enjoyment. Although certain safety features such as a helmet are available, these vehicles do not offer the same level of safety as other automobiles do. This means that if a motorcycle crash were to occur, those traveling on the bike could become seriously injured. This is why it is important that other drivers are aware of their surroundings so they do not collide with a motorcycle traveling near them.

Following a recent motorcycle accident, the 51-year-old motorcyclist struck by a car is still in a critical but stable condition. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred around 6:30 p.m. on East 30th Street. The 21-year-old motorist was traveling northbound when they struck the motorcyclist that was traveling southbound on East 30th Street. The vehicle then lost control and hit a concrete wall on the bridge.

Car accident in Cedar Rapids leads to multiple injuries

Whether it's due to speeding, distractions or other negligent acts, a driver could easily cause a collision that involves several vehicles. This is often true when drivers approach dangerous roadways or intersections. Their vision could be obstructed, and if a vehicle rushes through an intersection, they could collide with another motor vehicle traveling through or turning at the intersection. This is why it is important that drivers watch their speeds and look in all directions when going through an intersection.

An accident at an intersection recently occurred in Cedar Rapids. Authorities in Iowa were dispatched to the scene of the collision located at the intersection of Center Point Road and Highway 100. The car accident occurred around 12:45 a.m.

Iowa trooper hurt in crash while investigating separate crash

Incidents on the roadways are not uncommon. A car accident can be caused by a hazard on the road, a distracted driver or a drunk driver. Whether it is a simple fender bender or a serious collision, drivers should also be aware that accident sites can be dangerous to travel near. Although drivers commonly reduce their speeds as they approach an accident site, drivers and passengers will frequently stare at and examine the site. This could lead to a major distraction and ultimately result in an additional accident.

Even when police officers stop to examine an accident, they are at risk because they are parked or standing near traffic. Following a recent collision in Oxford, an Iowa State Patrol trooper was struck while he was investigating a crash that occurred on Interstate 80 at around 6:40 a.m.

Two-car collision in Iowa injures one and kills three

The Iowa State Patrol recently responded to a fatal accident involving two vehicles. The collision between an automobile and a pickup truck occurred around 5 p.m. in northern Decatur County. According to preliminary reports, a 35-year-old woman was traveling eastbound on Garden Grove when she lost control of her car. This caused her vehicle to maneuver into the path of a pickup truck traveling westbound.

Emergency crews responded to the crash and assessed everyone involved. The female driver of the car and her two passengers were pronounced dead in the crash. The driver of the pickup truck suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital. The fatal collision still remains under investigation.

Iowa man arrested following a suspected DUI crash

Drivers in Iowa are well aware that every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are exposing themselves to potential dangers and risks on the roadways. Although safety features are equipped in a vehicle, a seatbelt and safe driving cannot always protect the driver from the negligence of another driver. When a driver is under the influence, they not only put their life at risk but they pose great danger to other drivers and passengers. A drunk driving accident could end tragically with seriously injured or killed victims.

After an accident that occurred in Osage about five months ago, the driver involved in the crash was recently charged for vehicular homicide and is being held in the Mitchell County Jail. The fatal DUI crash occurred in September when the 23-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle, causing it to roll several times. The accident occurred on Hickory Avenue just north of highway 9.

Authorities in Des Moines seeking driver of fatal hit-and-run

It is not uncommon for vehicles and pedestrians to be in close proximity. Both are often together in cities, residential areas and shopping areas. Although they are aware that pedestrians are in the area, not all drivers exercise the proper amount of care. By traveling too fast, not yielding and talking or texting on the phone, a driver could cause a car accident with a pedestrian. This could result in a serious or even fatal accident.

Emergency crews in Des Moines were recently dispatched to a fatal hit-and-run collision that occurred on Valentine's Day. According to preliminary reports, a 52-year-old woman was crossing the street when a vehicle struck her. The driver of the automobile did not stop or slow down after the collision.

Woman struck and injured while delivering newspapers in Iowa

Whether it is a major road, residential area or rural roadway, vehicles are seen and utilized on various types of roads in Iowa. Furthermore, while some drivers are using their vehicles to get to and from work, some drivers drive as their job. With that fact, some drivers travel long distance to make a shipment or delivery while some will make frequent stops throughout the day. No matter the length of their trip or how many stops they need to make, remaining behind the wheel all day for work could put the driver at risk several times each day. This is due to various factors such as traffic, road conditions, negligent driver and driver fatigue.

Authorities in Springville recently responded to a two-vehicle crash that resulted in one person being injured. According to preliminary reports, the collision occurred around 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Springville Road and County Home Road. At the time of the crash a 63-year-old woman was delivering newspapers.

30-vehicle crash injures several in Iowa

It is not uncommon for numerous vehicles to travel on a roadway at the same time. In fact, the average resident of Des Moines, Iowa, needs to drive on major roads during rush hour. For the most part, numerous automobiles and commercial vehicles are able to share the road and arrive at their destination with little to no problems; however, during significant traffic jams, this can be challenging. Moreover, when a major roadway is filled with vehicles, several drivers and passengers are affected when a negligent driver causes an Interstate 80 accident.

A serious car accident occurred at the interchange of Interstate 80 and Highway 965 located in Coralville. The multi-vehicle crash involved 30 vehicles and caused the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 to be closed for about three hours after the major accident occurred around 10 a.m.





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