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What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

While motorcycles are generally considered less safe than other motor vehicles, many Iowa residents are aware of ways that they can increase their safety while driving or riding on a motorcycle. Safety gear such as protective clothing and a helmet could help reduce or prevent injuries from occurring if an accident were to occur. While taking protective measures is helpful, motorcyclists should also understand common causes so that they can avoid being involved in a collision.

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents? The most common type of collision involving a motorcycle occurs when a vehicle is turning left in front of a motorcyclist. This happens when the driver fails to see the oncoming motorcycle or misjudges the speed of a motorcyclist. This is frequently blamed on the inattention, distraction or inexperience of the driver.

Helping motorcycle crash victims recover compensation for losses

While the warm months are frequently the time of year when Iowa residents are more concerned about motorcycle accidents, motorcycle safety should be stressed year-round. Because motorists will often assert that they did not see the motorcyclist before a collision occurred, it is crucial that traffic safety precautions regarding all types of vehicles are always stressed. Our law firm understands that motorcycle accidents are often tragic, and victims and their loved ones should understand the rights afforded to them when a negligent driver collides with a motorcycle.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is frequently gruesome. Although protective gear such as helmets and special clothing help to reduce and prevent injuries, these unfortunately do not always help victims evade injuries. Riders could suffer injuries such as head, neck and spine trauma, broken bones, lost limbs and other catastrophic injuries.

Teen drivers and car accident risks during summer

Summer is an exciting time for residents in Iowa and other states across the nation. It often means school is out, family vacations and several national holidays to celebrate with cookouts and fireworks. Despite it being a joyful time, there are downsides, dangers and risks during the summertime, including an increase in car accidents.

With school out, there is a surge in teen drivers on the road. Moreover, there is an increase in road traffic due to vacations and celebrations throughout the summer months. Accidents risks during summer are often attributed to teen drivers. In fact, the leading cause of death for teens during the summer months is car accidents that involve teen drivers.

What are the inspection requirements for commercial vehicles?

While large trucks such as tractor-trailers are an effective means to deliver large shipments across town, the state or even the nation, these vehicles pose many risks. Because of this, commercial vehicles must undergo inspection to ensure that the vehicle has been properly maintained and is safe for travel on the roadways.

What are the vehicle inspection requirements for commercial vehicles in Iowa? According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, a truck used in commerce that has a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds must be inspected. Trucks used in commerce that have a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less are not required to be inspected unless the vehicle is used in combination with a trailer.

Fatal semi-truck crash in Iowa kills one

Residents in Iowa often encounter various types of vehicles traveling on the roadways. Commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, are frequently seen on the roads in Iowa. These vehicles help with the timely delivery of goods and shipments. Despite the benefits that these massive vehicles provide, they also create several risks and dangers on the roads. Because these vehicles are used primarily to transport goods, federal regulations control the use and operation of them. However, when a driver is negligent or does not adhere to these regulations, a serious or even fatal crash could ensue.

Authorities in Cedar County were recently dispatched to a fatal semi-truck accident. According to preliminary reports, the collision occurred on Interstate 80 around 11:30 a.m. Police believe that traffic was slowing down for upcoming construction in the westbound lanes of the interstate when one semi-truck rear-ended the back of another semi-truck. This caused the struck semi-truck to run into a minivan traveling ahead of them.

The causes of fatal car crashes in Iowa

While there are many reasons for accidents on Iowa roadways, there are some causes of fatal car accidents that occur more frequently than others, and some are more dangerous than others. Understanding the causes of accidents and fatalities can help people to prevent accidents and protect themselves on the road. It can also help people to understand the legal ramifications of an accident.

According to a recent report released by the Iowa Department of Transportation, it is clear that certain categories are more prone to causing traffic fatalities than others. For example, the category listed as the highest cause for fatalities in the state was speeding. This is followed by a vehicle being run off the road. This category wasn't defined, but could possibly include a driver losing control of the vehicle, hazards causing the driver to swerve or another driver causing the driver to run off the roadway.

Are certain drivers more prone to injuries in a car accident?

Are certain drivers prone to more serious injuries in a car accident? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, older adult drivers are at a higher risk for suffering injuries in a car accident. A study indicated that is 2012, more than 5,560 older adults were fatally injured in car crashes while more than 214,000 were injured.

Those drivers between the ages of 70 and 74 are the highest risk age group among older adult drivers. This is due not only to their susceptibility to injuries and possible medical complications but is also because they are among the drivers that have an increased tendency to get into crashes.

Holding a truck driver or truck company liable after a crash

It is an unfortunate reality that accidents occur daily on Iowa roadways. While some of these collisions are minor and involve little to no damages or injuries, other are very serious, impacting numerous drivers and passengers on the roadway. One type of accident that frequently causes a large accident site is a truck crash. Although large vehicles such as semi-trucks are beneficial for commerce in Iowa and states across the nation, these vehicles can be the culprit of a serious and even fatal collision.

Our law firm understands the tragic aftermath that could follow a truck accident and we have helped victims and the loved ones of deceased victims take legal action to hold a negligent truck driver liable for the incident. A wrongful death suit or a personal injury claim could hold drivers and trucking companies accountable for the injuries, damages and deaths caused by the negligent or reckless acts of a truck driver or a trucking company.

Liability of an unqualified truck driver in a truck accident

Just like drivers of automobiles in Iowa and other states in the nation must pass a written test and a driving test to obtain a driver's license, drivers of commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks must also pass tests to get a commercial vehicle license. In fact, drivers have more strict guidelines to meet in order to operate a commercial motor vehicle, and if an unqualified truck driver is hired or continues to operate a large truck, this could create serious risk and dangers on the roadway. Moreover, this could help establish liability for a truck accident.

According to federal trucking regulations, a driver who is disqualified is not permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle. This is true regardless if they previously drove a commercial vehicle. Moreover, a motor carrier cannot require or permit a driver who has been disqualified to drive a commercial vehicle even if the driver previously drove for the motor carrier.

How can bike safety measures reduce fatal accidents?

As the weather warms up, residents in Iowa can expect to see an increase in bicyclists throughout the state. Whether it is for exercise, recreational, to save energy, to run errands or commute to school or work, residents and visitors often opt to ride their bike on a nice day. While it is an enjoyable activity, biking also poses risks to riders. Bicyclists will often ride their bikes in areas where there is also automobile traffic. If a driver or cyclist fails to follow the rules of the road, they could cause a serious or even fatal crash.

How can bike safety measures reduce fatal bicycle accidents? According to a 2014 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report based on 2012 data, roughly 726 bicyclists were killed in 2012. Moreover, approximately 49,000 cyclists were injured in motor vehicle traffic collisions. This data respectively amounted to around 2 percent of fatal automobile accidents and 2 percent of the people injured in traffic crashes that year.