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Preserving the evidence after a car accident

It is an unfortunate fact, but the fact is that accidents do happen. Moreover, those involved in a car accident are certainly not expecting to be involved in a crash, so they are often unsure of the steps they need to take following the accident. One major step that should be carried out is evidence preservation because it will assist in any claims resulting from the crash, helping to assign liability.

While drivers in Iowa do everything in their power to avoid a car crash, when one occurs, they should be prepared to collect evidence at the scene of the accident (if they are not seriously injured and are able to assess the scene right after the incident).

Using special crash investigation data after a car accident

It's an unfortunate fact that motor vehicle accidents do happen. And when they do occur, they are very unexpected and could have serious results. When residents in Iowa are involved in a car accident, there are several steps that they should take to ensure their health and safety after the crash. In addition, it is also important to carry out certain steps to help protect their legal rights.

Whether it is a slow-moving collision, rear-end crash or a serious accident involving injuries and even death, drivers and passengers should do their best to collect as much information and details of the incident site. Crash investigation is a very important component for both the criminal and civil actions that could result from a car accident.

Reducing the DUI accident rate

While it is clear that there are some obvious dangers and risks on the roadways, drivers in Iowa should understand the types of accidents they could help to avoid. Alcohol-related collisions are a type of accident that could result in serious injuries, severe damages and even death. These accidents could be prevented through different measures employed through the state, law enforcement and education.

Drunk driving accidents are often described as tragic, because they are due to the negligence of another driver. However, some suggest that by implementing stricter regulations and education about the dangers of drunk driving, it may be possible to reduce the occurrence of drunk driving accidents

One injured in Iowa City crash due to icy roads

Drivers in Iowa often encounter various weather conditions while traveling on the roadways across the state. During the winter months, this often means the dreaded snow and ice on the roadways. Inclement weather such as a snowstorm, sleet and freezing rain could cause dangerous road conditions. While in some cases residents should avoid driving at all during hazardous weather, those who must travel on the roadways should take extreme caution in order to avoid car accidents.

Authorities in Iowa City were recently dispatched to an accident site on Interstate 80 in the westbound lanes. According to preliminary reports, the accident involved a van and a semi-truck. The two vehicles collided around 11:30 a.m. and caused traffic to be delayed and backed up due to only one lane being open.

Legal remedies may be available to car accident victims

Numerous residents in the state of Iowa rely on a vehicle to get around. While these are often considered safe and efficient forms of transportation, drivers can encounter various dangers on the roadway. Our law firm understands that even the safest drivers could get into a serious accident due to negligent drivers and dangerous intersections. In these matters, it is important to understand the cause of the accident in order to properly evaluate the incident and establish whether a civil action is in the best interest of the injured victim.

Suffering a serious injury in a car accident could mean temporary or permanent disabilities suffered by the victim involved in the crash. A car accident victim could suffer a head trauma, spinal cord injury, broken bones and other injuries. Such injuries could require a significant amount of medical treatment, and cause a whole host of other financial damages.

Understanding who has the right of way

It happens all the time. Drivers in Iowa encounter a vehicle at an intersection, and whether it is at a stop sign, yield sign, in a parking lot or in a residential area, drivers question who has the right of way. This is an important question to ask because if a driver failed to yield to the driver who had the right of way and caused a car accident, this could considered negligence exposing the driver to liability.

The failure to yield to the person or vehicle that has the right of way could easily lead to a serious car accident. In order to avoid or reduce these incidents, it is crucial to understand who has the right of way in specific instances.

What parties may be liable after a truck accident?

Being involved in any type of traffic accident could affect victim's lives for many years to come. Because of the size and weight of big commercial vehicles, truck accidents are particularly prone to causing catastrophic, permanent injuries. Following a truck crash, it is important that Iowa victims understand how to address the situation and hold the party at fault liable for the damages and losses they caused in the crash.

It is important to address truck accident liability. In some cases, a trucking company may be held liable in addition to the truck driver because employers often may be held liable for actions performed by their employees. If the accident occurred in the course of employment, this legal theory could be used to hold both the truck driver and the truck company liable for the crash.

4-year-old girl injured after semitrailer strikes Jeep in Iowa

Tragedy could happen at anytime on any roadway. A car accident is a sudden event that could significantly alter the lives of those involved as well as their loved ones. When a driver fails to uphold the standard duty of care, they could cause a collision that could leave the victims seriously injured or even dead. This makes it especially important to understand the cause of the crash so the party at fault could be held liable for their negligence.

A young girl was recently hurt in eastern Iowa in a two-vehicle collision. According to authorities, the four-year-old girl suffered serious injuries when a semitrailer collided with the Jeep she was traveling in. Preliminary reports indicate that the Jeep was attempting to turn right on Highway 61 near Davenport when the semitrailer struck the rear of the Jeep.

Possible steps to take after a truck accident

Getting in any type of automobile accident could impact the lives of those involved, no matter the severity of the crash. With regards to truck accidents, even a slow speed collision could severely damage a car and seriously injure a driver or passenger. Our firm understands that these large vehicles, such as a tractor-trailer or semi-truck frequent the roadways across the state of Iowa, and if a truck driver fails to drive uphold the standard duty of care while driving, they could cause a truck accident. This often leaves victims injured and incurring significant financial hardships while they recover and address the losses and damages caused by the truck crash.

When a truck accident occurs, the truck driver might not be the only accountable or liable actor in the accident. In some cases, the trucking company and even the truck owner could also face liability in the event of a truck accident.

What are the off-duty requirements for truck drivers in Iowa?

Drivers in Iowa often encounter large trucks on the roadways. These are also vehicles that are often spotted traveling on the road at all hours of the day and night. Semi-trucks are frequently used to transport large shipments or deliveries long distances, causing them to travel at various times throughout the day and night. With the growing concern for truck driver fatigue, many question the requirements regarding their hours of service and off duty time.

According to federal trucking regulations, truck drivers are required to be off duty for a certain amount of time before they can get behind the wheel to begin their next shift. Federal regulations indicate that a driver is required to be out of service after driving the maximum hours allowed by this regulation. Furthermore, they are required to record this out of service status to ensure they have complied with all sections of this regulation.