Iowa’s Cellphone Laws: How Does the State Compare to Others?

Amid the distracted driving epidemic, states all across the country have implemented various laws prohibiting the use of cellphone devices while driving.

While no state bans all cellphone use for all drivers, many have prohibited certain groups of drivers from using their phones.

For example, 30 states and Washington D.C. do not allow novice drivers-mostly those younger than 18-to use any type of mobile device in any way while behind the wheel. In 19 states and D.C., bus drivers are prohibited from using any type of cellphone when passengers are on board. Additionally, 35 states and D.C. have enacted laws banning text messaging for all drivers, while seven more states have rules prohibiting novice drivers from sending texts while driving.

Iowa Cell Phone and Text Messaging Laws

Across the board, Iowa currently sits with the majority of states when it comes to cellphone laws for drivers. Iowa has banned text messaging for all drivers. However, the state still allows drivers, except novice drivers, to use their phones while driving. Only nine states have enacted stricter laws that include a ban of handheld use.

Recognizing the dangers of distracted driving activities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, says that a complete ban on all types of cellphones for all drivers is needed to reduce the increase in the number of auto accidents and fatalities attributed to cellphone use while driving.

However, in the wake of a technological dependant society, it's unlikely all states will implement a complete ban on cellphone use while driving any time soon.

Hopefully, as more public awareness about the dangers of using mobile devices while driving becomes more widespread, more and more states will pass more stringent laws to help thwart the problems associated with auto accidents caused by cellphones.