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Driver injured after garbage truck crashes into vehicle

Whether in route to work or driving a vehicle for work, drivers in Iowa should be aware of all the potential risks and dangers that are present on the roadway. Even if a driver practices safe driving, a negligent or distracted driver could be the cause of an accident resulting in serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities. A driver who speeds, fails to yield to other drivers, ignores traffic signs or signals, travels too closely to other vehicles or texts while driving could be the cause of an accident that alters the life of several people.

Two Iowa drivers injured after truck accident

Residents of Iowa understand that traffic can occur at any time. Whether it is during the day, evening or on a weekday or weekend; heavy traffic and delays can happen on roadways all over the state. During times of heavy traffic, it is important that drivers remain attentive. When a driver is following too closely to the vehicle in front of them or when they text and drive, an accident is likely to happen.

Fatal truck accident claims one life in Rock Rapids, Iowa

Drivers are well aware of the dangers that are present on the roadway, but sometimes these hazards cannot be avoided no matter how much precaution is taken. This is especially true when another driver is negligent and causes an accident. Automobile collisions can cause serious injuries, severe damages, and fatalities.

Did improper merging cause Iowa truck accident?

While of course it is possible for a truck driver to change lanes safely, if the driver is careless and just merges into another lane, this can lead to an accident. As of now, this seems to be exactly what happened to cause an accident in Iowa that resulted in injuries to two women. The truck driver was fine.

2 killed in accident with truck in Iowa

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, every year there are roughly 50 trucking accidents that result in death or serious injury. Among these accidents there are numerous common causes, including improperly loaded trucks, truck driver error and defective truck parts.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Driver and Trucking Company

According to a report by the Associated Press, lawsuit was filed in Dallas County and also names Snow's employer, Panama Transfer, Inc. It alleges that both the driver and the trucking company had a history of violations. Court reports indicate that Snow had been cited nine times for moving violations, including reckless driving, speeding and failure to yield. Police claim that Snow ran a red light before colliding with the car, but he pled not guilty to the charge.

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