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Iowa ranks third for deer-and-car accidents

As the days get shorter and we enter into hunting season, a new study reminds us that we must watch out for deer on the roads. According to the study by State Farm, Iowa ranks third on a list of the states with the most deer accidents.

New Report on Pedestrian Deaths Reveals Interesting Commonalities

We have serious traffic safety laws governing crosswalks and intersections for an important reason: pedestrian safety. The human body is no match for a car, bus or truck, and traffic-control rules are designed to protect people from being hit by potentially deadly vehicles.

New "Car Talking" Technology Could Reduce Incidences of Auto Accidents

Every day, we are inundated with stories of motor vehicle accidents that happen because drivers are texting, typing, or carrying on conversations with their mobile devices. However, a new, promising development is underway that may help prevent the occurrences of auto accidents in today's 21-century multitasking society.

Iowa City: Semi Spills Herbicide in I-80 Construction Zone

Even in seemingly idyllic rural southeastern Iowa, a commercial-truck accident can wreak havoc on human and environmental safety. A recent trucking accident on heavily traveled east-west corridor Interstate 80 stopped and rerouted traffic for several hours midday while officials worked feverishly to contain a 200-gallon herbicide spill.

Side-Impact Collision Testing Come A Long Way

Most everyone has seen car accident crash test dummies on television. Most simulated events, however, only show the dummies being hit from the front or rear of the vehicle they are riding in. Rarely do we see simulated side impact collisions-collisions that happen when a vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle, often in the door area with a passenger riding on the other side of the door.

Data Reveals Officers Failing to Ticket Iowans Texting While Driving

In 2010, to combat the dangers of distracted driving, the state of Iowa passed a law banning texting while driving. The law took effect in July of 2010, however, recently released numbers indicate that the texting ban may not have the teeth that safety advocates had hoped.

Iowa Sees Decline in Auto-Accident Fatalities, Follows Suit With Nationwide Trend

According to the Iowa Department of Public safety, one person has died every day in an auto accident within the state of Iowa. The good news is that fewer people have died this year than last.

Waterloo to Improve Intersection Safety

A lot of hazards on the road awaiting us as soon as we pull out of the driveway, many of which, unfortunately, involve the actions other drivers. Drivers, however, forget that cities or municipalities are in some cases responsible for mitigating these problems by properly maintaining roads, keeping traffic signals in working order, and controlling speed limits.

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