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Patient attentiveness can reduce the risk of medical malpractice

Every day, hundreds of Iowa residents seek medical treatment from the hands of trusted health care professionals. However, just because a doctor appears to be reputable and professional, does not mean he or she cannot make mistakes.

Man wins lawsuit in wrong-site surgery accident

For many Iowa residents, the apprehension preceding a surgery can be overwhelming and stressful. On top of the regular anxiety regarding treatment and recovery, due to the high number of medical errors in the U.S., some people may feel extra nervous about the possibility of a wrong-site surgery accident.

What are some common surgical errors?

If you are getting ready for a surgical operation, you may have all sorts of worries, from negative experiences during the operation to the recovery process. As a patient, you expect your physician to take care of you. Sadly, some surgeons in Iowa have upended the lives of their patients due to surgical errors. Whether you are preparing for surgery or recently had a procedure performed and think the surgeon may have made a mistake, it is vital to understand some of the common surgical errors that occur.

How can I protect myself from medical errors?

One common reason why you may avoid seeking out medical care in Iowa is the number of medical negligence and malpractice cases you keep hearing about. According to, the “third leading cause of death in the country is medical error.” As prevalent as these situations are becoming, you should not let them deter you from doing what is necessary to improve and maintain your health. Doctors and health care professionals work in a variety of medical settings and see many patients each day. Many of these professionals are tired and overworked which can lead to a breakdown in communication that often results in medical errors. 

What are some common doctor errors?

Errors made by doctors are a concern for anyone in an Iowa hospital. Humans make mistakes, and doctors are human, so you have to expect issues will occur from time to time. Unfortunately, medical errors are an all too common occurrence. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of common errors and take steps to protect against them.

The risk of a vacuum-assisted delivery

When a woman is in labor in Iowa, it is essential that the doctor monitors the mother and baby to assure safety and health. If a baby shows signs of distress or the mother is having a difficult time during labor, then steps are taken to speed up the process of delivery to ensure neither’s health is compromised. Typically, in this type of situation, a mother will either undergo an emergency Cesarean section or the doctor will use a vacuum extractor to assist getting the baby through the birth canal, according to Healthline.

Iowa medical malpractice legislation advances

An Iowa legislative effort some feel would help draw much-needed doctors to the state would mean big changes for how plaintiffs can secure damages following medical malpractice lawsuits. Per the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa Senate File 465 would set limits to how much plaintiffs can receive in non-economic damages for mental anguish, pain and suffering and related areas after suing on the basis of medical malpractice.

When items are left behind in surgical sites

When people enter the operating room to have a surgical procedure performed, they may not expect to leave with a piece of surgical equipment still inside of them. Surprisingly enough, however, this horrible type of medical error continues to occur despite new technologies designed to trace medical equipment during procedures. Out of an estimated 50 million people who have surgeries in the United States each year, approximately 4,082 people are victims of these ‘never events’, according to an article published in Surgery. These numbers may be underestimated, as some people may not know that they have surgical equipment left behind in their operating sites.

Medical malpractice in the emergency room

You will likely find yourself in an Iowa emergency room at some point during your life. While emergency rooms are supposed to be a place for healing, they can also be the scene of doctor errors and mistakes that can lead to serious consequences. While we at Galligan Reid, PC, understand the stress and pressure medical personnel face in the ER, we also understand that in some cases, it is pure negligence that leads to harm. When deciding if you have a case, you need to determine if negligence occurred.

Protecting your loved one in a nursing home

When parents or other loved ones in Iowa get older, it is sometimes necessary to place them in a long-term care facility. Unfortunately, mistreatment and neglect occur in nursing homes across the country, so it is important to choose a nursing home carefully. If you suspect abuse, it may be necessary to seek help. We at Galligan Reid understand the absolute importance of protecting the elderly who have suffered mistreatment.

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