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Motorcyclist pronounced dead in Iowa crash

As spring starts to bring more and more warm weather, residents of Iowa begin to see more and more motorcyclists on the roadways. Whether they are going out for a quick ride on a gorgeous day, are using it to travel to their destination or are going through the state as they travel across the nation, these small vehicles could include some serious risks. Unlike other automobiles, not many safety features exist. This means that if a motorcycle accident were to occur, a motorcyclist could easily be thrown from their bike, causing serious or even fatal injuries.

Motorcyclist injured in Iowa DUI crash

For some Iowa residents, the warm weather that spring brings also brings out motorcycles. These small vehicles are often driven for enjoyment. Although certain safety features such as a helmet are available, these vehicles do not offer the same level of safety as other automobiles do. This means that if a motorcycle crash were to occur, those traveling on the bike could become seriously injured. This is why it is important that other drivers are aware of their surroundings so they do not collide with a motorcycle traveling near them.

One killed and one injured in Iowa motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are not an uncommon sight on Iowa's roadways. This is most often observed during the warmer summer months because motorcyclists usually avoid traveling on these vehicles when it is cold outside. Not matter the weather or what time of year it is, motorcyclists should take precaution when riding. This is often accomplished by wearing a helmet and protective gear. Even when these are utilized, injuries and death could follow a motorcycle accident. This makes it especially important that other drivers are aware of these small vehicles on the road. Moreover, motorcyclists should practice safe driving such as not speeding, signaling turns and not traveling closely to other vehicles.

Two fatalities following Iowa motorcycle accident

The warm months often mean spending time outside for Iowa residents. It is also a time when drivers witness more motorcyclists on the road, which in turn also increases the risk for accidents. In part, that is because motorcycles can often go undetected due to the small size of the vehicle and its ability to hide in the blind spot of other vehicles, which makes it especially important for drivers to remain attentive and be on the lookout for all types of vehicles.

Iowa drivers: Share the road to prevent motorcycle accidents

With the warmer weather, for many Des Moines residents there is nothing quite like being able to take the motorcycle out for a spin. Even if it is driving someone mundane -- like the grocery store or to and from work -- for many there is just something exhilarating about being on a bike on the open road.

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