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Big-chain pharmacies may be fueling medication errors

Prescription medications are often integral in treating Iowa patients suffering from illness or injury. However, as helpful as medication can be, it must be administered precisely to ensure safety and efficacy. Medication errors can do much more than just interrupt a person's treatment, and some pharmacies might be putting patients at risk for deadly consequences.

Nurse accused of medication errors facing criminal charges

Receiving the correct medication at the correct time is a cornerstone of modern medical treatment. Withholding medicine or administering the wrong one can have devastating consequences for Iowa patients, which can range from prolonged pain to adverse reactions. An out-of-state nurse is currently facing criminal charges for medication errors that she blamed on working long hours.

Help is possible after medical malpractice medication errors

It often seems as though every trip to the doctor results in a new prescription that is supposed to better treat chronic health conditions, but some of these medications might be less than safe. Iowa patients suffering from blood pressure issues might be especially vulnerable to medical malpractice medication errors. Many of the drugs used to treat high and low blood pressure pose a serious risk to patients, especially if doctors are not vigilant when considering the potential side effects.

Keeping these ideas in mind may help prevent medication errors

Clear communication is often key to successful care and treatment within the medical industry. Poor communication can have disastrous effects, perhaps resulting in medication errors, surgical mistakes or other potentially serious consequences. Iowa patients may be proactive in their own medical care; however, if a doctor, nurse or other staff member is negligent, there may be little or nothing that can be done to avoid injury.

Some Iowa patients at risk for medication errors more than others

In Iowa and throughout the nation, hundreds of thousands of people (if not more) will undergo some type of medical treatments or procedures this year. Many will have necessary or elective surgeries. Some will go to hospitals or doctors' offices when they're not feeling well and get prescriptions for medicine to help alleviate their symptoms. Whenever medicine is involved, there's always a chance for medication errors to occur.

Be proactive to prevent medical malpractice medication errors

Any type of medical procedure carries an inherent safety risk. Most Iowa patients understand this when they entrust their personal care to doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical staff members. Problems, such as medical malpractice medication errors, wrong-site surgeries and other mishaps continue to plague many hospitals and nursing facilities throughout the state.

Potential poor reactions or side effects of anesthesia

At some point in the life of a Iowa resident, surgery or procedures that require anesthesia might be necessary. While licensed anesthesiologists know what they're doing and hospitals take care to ensure that patients are being dosed properly, mistakes may still be made, or issues may arise that hadn't been predicted before the procedure.

How do medication errors occur?

Millions of people across the United States depend on medication to control their conditions and treat their illnesses. You may visit the local pharmacy on a regular basis or even have your prescriptions delivered to your door through a mail-order service. When you receive your prescription, you assume that you have been given the right medication for the condition, in the right dose that will be effective. You may assume that the doctor and pharmacist have checked the medication to ensure you are not allergic to it, and that you will experience minimal side effects from the drug. Although these medical professionals are some of the most trusted in the nation, they are human and are prone to error. Medication errors may be more common than you think.

Anesthesia error rates high in perioperative phase

Patients heading into surgery in Iowa hospitals are most likely grateful for the possibility of anesthesia to make the procedure as painless as possible. Though anesthesia provides many benefits before, during and after a surgical procedure, patients also should be aware of the accompanying risks.

Causes of medication errors

Medication errors in Iowa can lead to devastating effects. At Galligan Reid PC, we know that an error of this type can claim lives, lead to extended suffering or cause serious side effects. That is why it is important to understand how they occur and what you can do to help prevent an error happening in your care.

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