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Iowa Department of Transportation warns of dangerous roadways

It is not uncommon for residents of Iowa to watch the news in the morning before their commute. This helps them determine the traffic conditions as well as the road conditions. When inclement weather strikes the roads, drivers need to be especially aware of these conditions. Whether it is a snowstorm, fog, heavy rain or ice, drivers should be weary about traveling. Avoiding dangerous roadways could help a driver evade a serious car accident.

Iowa intersection proving to be dangerous after numerous crashes

Iowa residents are often aware when a serious incident happens in their area. When a roadway is considered hazardous, the city or town will implement changes, especially if the road itself needs improvement. When particular intersections are deemed dangerous, the same changes should be carried out. Whether it is difficult for cars to reduce speeds because of a hill, the speed limit posted is too high or there is something obstructing the view for drivers, these hazardous conditions should be corrected in order to reduce the chances of an intersection collision.

Two-vehicle crash in Iowa kills one and sends another to hospital

Although incidents can occur at anytime and for any reason, Iowa drivers are aware that heavy traffic also means a higher chance of collisions. A car accident could result when a driver is not properly paying attention, speeding or following too close to the car in front of them. Although some drivers are able to evade crashes, these habits are dangerous and could seriously injure or kill others traveling on the road.

Iowa City man killed in two-car collision

Tragedy can often fill the roadways. Iowa residents and drivers passing through will often witness collisions of various magnitudes. Small collisions such as fender benders can frequently occur, but when a serious car accident occurs, the incident will often result in serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities. These accidents not only affect those directly involved but also their loved ones who are coping with their death or are caring for those injured.

Negligent driver might have caused two-car crash injuring four

Iowa residents understand that when a driver fails to comply with the rules of the road, they could cause an accident. Drivers who are reckless or negligent frequently cause car accidents. This not only creates dangers for the driver and the potential for being pulled over and fined, but it also puts other drivers and passengers at risk. A negligent driver could cause a collision that injures several and causes serious injuries or even fatalities.

Multi-car crash injures two, totals two vehicles

Simply put, accidents are unexpected. They can happen at any moment and anywhere. Moreover, they can involve numerous victims, cause severe damage and result in serious injuries. Car accidents occur on major roads as well as back roads, so it is important that drivers take precaution at all times.

How trained in driving are Iowa ambulance drivers?

Picture driving down the highway: You hear an ambulance approaching with sirens blaring in the distance. You look ahead and in your review, wanting to make sure to get out of the way before the ambulance comes speeding past. The last thing anyone would want in this situation is a car accident.

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