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Fatal head-on collision in Iowa kills one and injures another

A certain standard of care should always be upheld every time a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. This means traveling at a safe speed for road conditions, using a turn signal and taking many other safety precautions. If the driver fails to do so, they could risk their life and the lives of others on the roadways. A negligent, distracted or intoxicated driver could cause a serious or fatal car accident.

Rainy conditions cause two-car crash on Iowa Interstate

Drivers in Iowa understand that weather conditions often contribute to dangerous road conditions. Whether it is windy, snowing, hailing or raining, drivers should adjust their driving for inclement weather. In most cases, this means turning on their headlights, reducing speeds and double-checking their mirrors and blind spots. Failure to adjust during dangerous road conditions could result in a serious or even fatal accident.

Two-car collision in Iowa injures one and kills three

The Iowa State Patrol recently responded to a fatal accident involving two vehicles. The collision between an automobile and a pickup truck occurred around 5 p.m. in northern Decatur County. According to preliminary reports, a 35-year-old woman was traveling eastbound on Garden Grove when she lost control of her car. This caused her vehicle to maneuver into the path of a pickup truck traveling westbound.

Authorities in Des Moines seeking driver of fatal hit-and-run

It is not uncommon for vehicles and pedestrians to be in close proximity. Both are often together in cities, residential areas and shopping areas. Although they are aware that pedestrians are in the area, not all drivers exercise the proper amount of care. By traveling too fast, not yielding and talking or texting on the phone, a driver could cause a car accident with a pedestrian. This could result in a serious or even fatal accident.

Two pickup trucks collide in southeast Iowa, killing one

In most cases, an accident happens very unexpectedly. In some situations, an accident might be very minimal and not affect those involved. Following a serious accident, however, the victims involved could be gravely injured or even killed. A fatal crash could occur for various reasons, but often times it is due to dangerous conditions on the roads or a negligent driver failing to uphold their duty to drive safely on the road.

Fatal head-on crash in Iowa kills 4-year-old

Incidents on the roadway could happen at anytime. Unfortunately, even when caution is taken, a negligent or distracted driver could affect drivers and passengers. Moreover, this could cause victims of any age, even young children. Whether a driver is traveling too fast for conditions, speeding, following too closely or failing to stop or yield, a negligent driver could cause a serious or even fatal crash.

Man killed in fatal drunk driving accident in Iowa

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event for Iowans to go through. Whether it is due to old age, an illness or an accident, coping with a loved one's death can be challenging. When a loved one is killed in an accident caused by the negligence of another, family and friends naturally have many questions they want answered such as how and why.

Two-car collision in Iowa kills two and injures two

Although drivers seek to avoid collisions, Iowa drivers are aware that accidents do happen. Whether it is during rush hour, on a major road or in a residential area, a simple distraction could cause a serious car accident to ensue. This could impact other drivers and passengers causing serious injuries and even fatalities.

Iowa authorities investigate fatal two-car crash

For Iowa drivers, early morning commutes often means traffic. Many of the drivers are in a rush to get to work or school and heavy traffic causes frustration. In addition to getting aggravated during stop and go traffic, drivers are prone to distractions during this type of traffic. Drivers will often pull out their phone and use it to text, email or search on the Internet. This can be very risky because when a driver takes their eyes off the road even for a short time, they could cause a collision.

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