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Truck drivers say no to raising weight and size limits

There is a fear among some truck drivers that the Federal Highway Administration is going to increase the size and weight limits on trucks. If the size and weight limits are increased, the fear is related to safety, infastructure and job security. 

Did improper merging cause Iowa truck accident?

While of course it is possible for a truck driver to change lanes safely, if the driver is careless and just merges into another lane, this can lead to an accident. As of now, this seems to be exactly what happened to cause an accident in Iowa that resulted in injuries to two women. The truck driver was fine.

2 killed in accident with truck in Iowa

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, every year there are roughly 50 trucking accidents that result in death or serious injury. Among these accidents there are numerous common causes, including improperly loaded trucks, truck driver error and defective truck parts.

Iowa City: Semi Spills Herbicide in I-80 Construction Zone

Even in seemingly idyllic rural southeastern Iowa, a commercial-truck accident can wreak havoc on human and environmental safety. A recent trucking accident on heavily traveled east-west corridor Interstate 80 stopped and rerouted traffic for several hours midday while officials worked feverishly to contain a 200-gallon herbicide spill.

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