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New Study Shows e-Prescribing May Actually Lead to More Errors: Part II

State Improvements

The study shows that more is needed to combat medical errors associated with prescription drug errors. States, however, are helping to do their part it seems to mitigate the problems.

New Study Shows e-Prescribing May Actually Lead to More Errors: Part I

In an age where everything from music to shopping is going digital, it's no wonder that the medical field is jumping on board as well. Electronic medical records (EMR) are the latest implementation for many doctors and medical professionals nationwide.

Study Shows Doctors Absent at Medical Malpractice Mediation

Medical malpractice is a complicated and expensive area of personal injury law. It usually involves long, drawn-out distressing litigation. Mediation has become a procedure that appears to be an alternative option to litigation. But, according to a study published in the Journal of Health Politics and Law, physicians are not participating in the mediation process. Some say that doctors who fail to take part in this method of dispute resolution are thwarting the process.

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