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New Bill to Prohibit Renting Out Recalled Vehicles

Every year, millions of Americans rent vehicles when traveling for vacation or business. And, when these vehicles are rented, the expectation is that they are in safe-working condition and in a state of repair that does not unnecessarily put drivers and passengers at risk of injury or a car accident. Now a new bill before the federal Senate would help ensure that the vehicles rented by car rental companies are not awaiting recall.

Iowa's Graduated Drivers License (GDL) Law

As a way to reduce teen auto accidents and fatalities, states all across the nation began implementing what's known as graduated driver licensing systems (GDLS) in the 1990s. GDLS are programs that gradually allow drivers- who are obtaining their driver's license for the first time-to acquire driving privileges at separate stages rather than all at once.

NHTSA Offers Tips on How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving is nothing new to our way of life. And, as automobiles speeds increase and traffic congestion problems mount, the problem is only bound to get worse. Luckily, the National Highway Traffic Safety Board (NHTSB) is offering tips consumers can utilize when they encounter aggressive drivers.

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