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After medical malpractice, victims want open communication

Being the victim of a medical mistake can take a serious emotional toll on a person, and understandably so. Patients in Iowa typically expect doctors to treat them with care and dignity, and learning that a serious error has occurred can be devastating. Even victims who have received compensation for medical malpractice sometimes continue to feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

Doctor hit with medical malpractice suits for botched surgeries

For some people in Iowa, cosmetic surgery can be a transformative experience, which can have both physical and emotional benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone who undergoes elective surgery receives this type of outcome. Over a dozen out-of-state women recently filed medical malpractice claims against a cosmetic surgeon who allegedly botched their surgeries.

$10 million awarded for medical malpractice doctor errors

One family spent over two years unsure of what truly caused their loved one's death. The out-of-state man died at Iowa hospital after he went in for a necessary operation. When the family went to trial over allegations of medical malpractice doctor errors, the truth of what happened finally came out.

We're here to help with medical malpractice doctor errors

Patients generally expect their doctors to be attentive to their symptoms and test results, and rightly so -- many diseases and injuries are very treatable when diagnosed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, medical malpractice doctor errors are not as uncommon as most people in Iowa might like to think. Being misdiagnosed or having a diagnosis missed entirely continues to be a serious risk factor for patients.

Young mother's fatal injury caused by medical negligence

For most women giving birth in Iowa this year, the days following the births of their babies will be filled with excitement and joy. That's how things started out for a young mother, her husband and newborn son in another state. However, because of medical negligence, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Would this help reduce medical malpractice doctor errors?

A resident of a southern university medical school recently published an article that may be of interest to Iowa doctors and medical patients alike. She wrote that perhaps more upfront discussions regarding mishaps may help reduce possible medical malpractice doctor errors down the line. The general surgery resident claims the difference between bad doctors and good doctors is that bad ones refuse to admit their mistakes.

Parents say doctor errors caused their daughter's death

When parents in Iowa (or anywhere in the nation) entrust their children to medical professionals for care, they have the right to reasonably expect that those treating their loved ones will act according to the highest levels of accepted safety standards and procedures. This goes for dentists as well as medical surgeons. In a situation in another state, parents of a toddler age girl say doctor errors cost their precious child her life.

Patient attentiveness can reduce the risk of medical malpractice

Every day, hundreds of Iowa residents seek medical treatment from the hands of trusted health care professionals. However, just because a doctor appears to be reputable and professional, does not mean he or she cannot make mistakes.

Man wins lawsuit in wrong-site surgery accident

For many Iowa residents, the apprehension preceding a surgery can be overwhelming and stressful. On top of the regular anxiety regarding treatment and recovery, due to the high number of medical errors in the U.S., some people may feel extra nervous about the possibility of a wrong-site surgery accident.

What are some common surgical errors?

If you are getting ready for a surgical operation, you may have all sorts of worries, from negative experiences during the operation to the recovery process. As a patient, you expect your physician to take care of you. Sadly, some surgeons in Iowa have upended the lives of their patients due to surgical errors. Whether you are preparing for surgery or recently had a procedure performed and think the surgeon may have made a mistake, it is vital to understand some of the common surgical errors that occur.

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