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Sleep cycles: Interruption affects cognition

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as driving while texting or intoxicated because it affects your ability to react and make decisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated drowsy driving is the cause of approximately 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries each year. While they believe the numbers may actually be higher, it is difficult to calculate potentially related accidents because there is no test like the breathalyzer for alcohol detection. In some cases, accidents characterized as alcohol related may have actually been caused by a drowsy driver.

New federal recommendations address driverless car safety

Iowa farmers are discussing automated tractors. Driverless Ubers are being tested on the streets of Pittsburgh. But until this week, the federal government had little in the way of regulations addressing the new technology.

How can bicycle safety be increased?

Riding a bicycle is both a way to enjoy time outside and a means of transportation. No matter the reason Iowa residents choose to ride a bike, the fact is that this activity comes with some risks. Depending on where a biker is riding, he or she might be traveling on the road, in a bike lane or even on a sidewalk. No matter what surface a cyclist is traveling on, he or she is likely to travel near automobiles and traffic. Because of this, the risk of an automobile-bike crash is present, which makes it important for both drivers and bicyclists to exercise safety.

Concerns regarding the high rate of bike-car crashes in Iowa

Although the summer months are coming to an end, Iowa residents often continue with their outdoor activities such as bicycle riding. In fact, many residents will continue to travel by bike well into the winter months. Because of that, it is always important for bicycle safety to be considered. Bike riders should understand the rules of the road and where and how it is safe for them to travel. Additionally, drivers should always be cognizant of bicyclists traveling on or near the roadways throughout the year.

When may speeding be a factor in a car collision?

It can happen to all drivers. An individual in Iowa is running late, and in order to get to his or her destination on time, he or she will drive faster. Whether this means exceeding the speed limit by one or 10 mph, speeding can create a dangerous condition on the roadway. Moreover, this situation could result in a speed-related accident, resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

Teen drivers and car accident risks during summer

Summer is an exciting time for residents in Iowa and other states across the nation. It often means school is out, family vacations and several national holidays to celebrate with cookouts and fireworks. Despite it being a joyful time, there are downsides, dangers and risks during the summertime, including an increase in car accidents.

The causes of fatal car crashes in Iowa

While there are many reasons for accidents on Iowa roadways, there are some causes of fatal car accidents that occur more frequently than others, and some are more dangerous than others. Understanding the causes of accidents and fatalities can help people to prevent accidents and protect themselves on the road. It can also help people to understand the legal ramifications of an accident.

Are certain drivers more prone to injuries in a car accident?

Are certain drivers prone to more serious injuries in a car accident? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, older adult drivers are at a higher risk for suffering injuries in a car accident. A study indicated that is 2012, more than 5,560 older adults were fatally injured in car crashes while more than 214,000 were injured.

The safety risks running a red light pose to others on the road

It happens all too often. A driver is approaching a light when it turns yellow. In order to avoid stopping at the lighted intersection, a driver decides to hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, causing them to travel through a red light. While this might seem like a harmless action to some Iowa drivers, running red lights could lead to serious and sometimes even fatal intersection collisions. Moreover, running a red light usually causes a driver to speed, and this recklessness could also lead to a car crash

Iowa car accident victims taking action after a crash

A motor vehicle accident can be a very scary situation for Iowa drivers. They can suddenly occur, leaving an unsuspecting driver questioning how it happened. The causes of accident are not always obvious, and our law firm understands how this could present frustrations for accident victims. Following a car accident, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation. This could help establish the cause of the collision and assign liability to the party at fault.

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