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October 2017 Archives

No defense for VA actions regarding negligent doctors

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs runs the largest health care system in the country. It employs more health care workers than any other organization. It is, therefore, in a powerful position to set and maintain standards of care. A recent investigation uncovered disturbing practices that demonstrate a careless disregard for the outcomes of patients in and out of the VA system.

Family awarded $4 million in medical malpractice claim

There are few greater joys in life than the birth of a new child. Most parents in Iowa spend a great deal of time planning for the day when they bring a new child home. Sadly, things do not always go as planned. An out-of-state family recently won their medical malpractice claim after a loved one died during childbirth.

After medical malpractice, victims want open communication

Being the victim of a medical mistake can take a serious emotional toll on a person, and understandably so. Patients in Iowa typically expect doctors to treat them with care and dignity, and learning that a serious error has occurred can be devastating. Even victims who have received compensation for medical malpractice sometimes continue to feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

Doctor hit with medical malpractice suits for botched surgeries

For some people in Iowa, cosmetic surgery can be a transformative experience, which can have both physical and emotional benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone who undergoes elective surgery receives this type of outcome. Over a dozen out-of-state women recently filed medical malpractice claims against a cosmetic surgeon who allegedly botched their surgeries.

Is nursing home care declining?

A recent report from the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General paints a bleak picture of nursing home care. From 2011 to 2015, the percentage of residents filing a complaint rose sharply. This rate increase included an increase in reports of problems that endangered the lives of residents. These serious incidents became more common even as the total number of nursing home residents dropped slightly.

Nurse accused of medication errors facing criminal charges

Receiving the correct medication at the correct time is a cornerstone of modern medical treatment. Withholding medicine or administering the wrong one can have devastating consequences for Iowa patients, which can range from prolonged pain to adverse reactions. An out-of-state nurse is currently facing criminal charges for medication errors that she blamed on working long hours.

When the medical field fails breast cancer victims

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons, merchandise, breast cancer-themed run/walks and advertising campaigns will be easy to spot for the next four weeks. Breast cancer awareness is a positive thing and the campaigns help further that cause. They do little to help the women who do everything right, only to have their doctors drop the ball in identifying and treating breast cancer.

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