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Patients generally expect their doctors to be attentive to their symptoms and test results, and rightly so -- many diseases and injuries are very treatable when diagnosed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, medical malpractice doctor errors are not as uncommon as most people in Iowa might like to think. Being misdiagnosed or having a diagnosis missed entirely continues to be a serious risk factor for patients.

The impact of a missed diagnose can be devastating. Sometimes patients find out that if their doctor had ordered the correct testing or interpreted it correctly, their aggressive cancer would have been discovered at a much more treatable stage. Others find out that their heart attack might have been avoided if their attending physician had taken treated their symptoms seriously.

It is not always primary care doctors responsible for missed diagnoses. Emergency room doctors who are highly trained to recognize serious illness in high-stress situations continue to look past patients' symptoms and miss their diagnoses entirely. In life-and-death situations, such as with heart attacks and serious infections, an accurate and timely diagnosis is an absolute necessity.

Patients who have been misdiagnosed by their doctor often feel pressure to defer to his or her expertise, and are discouraged from seeking a second opinion or told they are even imagining certain symptoms. This type of behavior is unacceptable for Iowa patients, who deserve the best care based on the most accurate diagnosis. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice doctor errors, you are not alone. Our practice has proudly guided victims of missed diagnoses through the proper channels to recover related and justified compensation.

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