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Help is possible after medical malpractice medication errors

It often seems as though every trip to the doctor results in a new prescription that is supposed to better treat chronic health conditions, but some of these medications might be less than safe. Iowa patients suffering from blood pressure issues might be especially vulnerable to medical malpractice medication errors. Many of the drugs used to treat high and low blood pressure pose a serious risk to patients, especially if doctors are not vigilant when considering the potential side effects.

Cardura, which is the brand name for the drug Doxazosin, is a commonly prescribed drug for blood pressure problems. However, while this drug is supposed to be treating a serious medical problem, it can also cause users to suffer from ongoing dizziness and shortness of breath. Patients have also reported developing a yellowing of the eyes and fainting. Unexpectedly losing consciousness can be a serious concern, especially if a patient is unable to brace him or herself before the fall.

Another drug used to treat blood pressure problems -- Mykrox -- can effectively remove fluid that has built up in patients' bodies, but it comes with several worrying side effects. Patients taking this medication have gone on to develop convulsions, dizziness and bleeding gums. Blood has also been found in the urine of many of these patients, which can be a serious cause of concern and the herald of more severe problems.

Prescription drugs serve an important role in managing chronic health conditions of Iowa patients. Still, medication should not cause more harm than good, especially in already vulnerable patients. For some victims of medical malpractice medication errors, the consequences can be severe and cause lasting damage. In many instances, carefully litigated medical malpractice lawsuits can help victims achieve appropriate compensation for their pain, suffering and resulting medical treatment.

Source:, "These Common Blood Pressure Medications Have Surprisingly Dangerous Side Effects", Jessica Wick, Sept. 8, 2017

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