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September 2017 Archives

$10 million awarded for medical malpractice doctor errors

One family spent over two years unsure of what truly caused their loved one's death. The out-of-state man died at Iowa hospital after he went in for a necessary operation. When the family went to trial over allegations of medical malpractice doctor errors, the truth of what happened finally came out.

We're here to help with medical malpractice doctor errors

Patients generally expect their doctors to be attentive to their symptoms and test results, and rightly so -- many diseases and injuries are very treatable when diagnosed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, medical malpractice doctor errors are not as uncommon as most people in Iowa might like to think. Being misdiagnosed or having a diagnosis missed entirely continues to be a serious risk factor for patients.

Help is possible after medical malpractice medication errors

It often seems as though every trip to the doctor results in a new prescription that is supposed to better treat chronic health conditions, but some of these medications might be less than safe. Iowa patients suffering from blood pressure issues might be especially vulnerable to medical malpractice medication errors. Many of the drugs used to treat high and low blood pressure pose a serious risk to patients, especially if doctors are not vigilant when considering the potential side effects.

The creation and spread of dangerous illnesses

For many reasons, hospitals are an ideal setting for new strains of bacteria to grow and thrive. Hospitals that are lax about cleanliness, follow outdate practices and contribute to the over-prescription of antibiotics are a danger to patients and the population as a whole. Infection is one of the most significant health concerns for patients who receive treatment, particularly surgical patients. A new type of infection has recently been discovered that could endanger the lives of millions of patients.

Young mother's fatal injury caused by medical negligence

For most women giving birth in Iowa this year, the days following the births of their babies will be filled with excitement and joy. That's how things started out for a young mother, her husband and newborn son in another state. However, because of medical negligence, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Verdict goes against baby powder manufacturer

Johnson & Johnson is currently facing thousands of claims tied to its talc-based products. While Johnson's baby powder is not the only talc-based product on the market, it is one of the most common. When studies began to link genital talc use to instances of ovarian cancer in women, Johnson & Johnson denied the connection. The company continues to refuse to warn their customers about the danger, even as the lawsuits against it pile up.

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