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Some Iowa patients at risk for medication errors more than others

In Iowa and throughout the nation, hundreds of thousands of people (if not more) will undergo some type of medical treatments or procedures this year. Many will have necessary or elective surgeries. Some will go to hospitals or doctors' offices when they're not feeling well and get prescriptions for medicine to help alleviate their symptoms. Whenever medicine is involved, there's always a chance for medication errors to occur.

Making a mistake when dispensing or ordering medicine for a patient is a grave matter that often results in serious consequences, even death. There are any number of reasons such errors might occur, including but not limited to medical negligence. Most medications are labeled with clear instructions regarding dosage and usage of the product.

However, a doctor prescribing a particular medication should always take time to explain the reason to a patient, as well as how to properly take the medicine and any possible negative reactions that may occur while using it. Doctors are not the only ones who make mistakes with medicine. Pharmacists too may be lax in their duties, sometimes placing the wrong pills in containers or failing to fill prescriptions with the appropriate dosage according to a doctor's order.

Many Iowa patients run into trouble when the multiple medications they are taking prove to be incompatible. In fact, such mishaps sometimes lead to fatalities as the interactions between many drugs can be lethal. If you believe that you have suffered due to medication errors and that a doctor's, nurse's or pharmacist's negligence is to blame, you can reach out for support by calling the office of Galligan Reid, PC for an appointment.

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