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Parents said pitocin overdose likely caused child's brain injury

When something goes wrong during childbirth, the aftereffects of the situation may be present for a lifetime. If, for instance, medical negligence results in a newborn infant suffering a traumatic brain injury, the years ahead that an Iowa family may have been greatly looking forward to may be wrought with adversity and challenge instead. This isn't to say such parents would not still find joy and blessing in raising their child; only that the road ahead would be starkly different from the one they'd anticipated.

It's understandable that parents may feel angry and frustrated upon learning their child's injury may have been prevented. Such situations often lead to medical malpractice lawsuits when parents seek justice for their children. A couple in another state filed a claim against a hospital in 2013. 

The parents asserted that their daughter, now age 6, suffered brain injury during delivery in 2011 that was caused in part by a Pitocin overdose administered to the mother to produce contractions. The claim also stated that the baby showed clear signs of distress, and hospital staff failed to act quickly enough to safely deliver her. She suffers from cerebral palsy; attorneys representing the family say the Pitcocin overdose caused contractions that were too close together and too strong, which in turn led to oxygen and blood flow deprivation to the baby's brain.

This particular brain injury case resulted in the parents accepting a $15 million settlement from the hospital. An attorney is often able to negotiate such outcomes in a client's best interests. One way to decide how best to proceed to seek justice in a medical malpractice situation in Iowa is to request a consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Sauk Village family reaches $15M settlement over alleged brain damage during delivery", Becky Yerak, July 26, 2017

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