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Keeping these ideas in mind may help prevent medication errors

Clear communication is often key to successful care and treatment within the medical industry. Poor communication can have disastrous effects, perhaps resulting in medication errors, surgical mistakes or other potentially serious consequences. Iowa patients may be proactive in their own medical care; however, if a doctor, nurse or other staff member is negligent, there may be little or nothing that can be done to avoid injury.

With regard to safety and medicine, there are several things the average person can do to increase the chances of avoiding a mishap. For one, it's always best to make sure a physician is aware of any other medication being taken at the time a new prescription is written. Medication would include prescribed and over-the-counter products as well as any herbal remedies or vitamins.

It's generally a good idea to remind a doctor of any known allergies related to medication when something new is being prescribed, or especially if a past adverse reaction has occurred regarding  a particular drug. If a patient can't read a doctor's writing, clarification should be sought before filling the prescription. It's also crucial to make sure clear explanation has been provided as to a medicine's purpose in relation to the health condition of a specific patient.

Anyone within the chain of distribution of a certain medicine can err, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists or practitioners. If medication errors result in injury or illness to a patient, it may be grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit in an Iowa court. In such situations, multiple people are often named as defendants, as more than one person may have been negligent in the incident.

Source:, "20 Tips To Help Prevent Medical Errors: Patient Fact Sheet", Accessed on Aug. 29, 2017

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