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Be proactive to prevent medical malpractice medication errors

Any type of medical procedure carries an inherent safety risk. Most Iowa patients understand this when they entrust their personal care to doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical staff members. Problems, such as medical malpractice medication errors, wrong-site surgeries and other mishaps continue to plague many hospitals and nursing facilities throughout the state.

This begs the question whether anything can be done to prevent such errors from occurring. There are several recommendations on the books that might help patients who are preparing to take medication for an extended period of time. A high priority is to make sure that the person taking the medication knows the name of it.

This way, if a pharmacist or someone else makes a mistake and hands a patient the wrong medicine, he or she may recognize the problem before any harm is done. It's equally important to seek clarification as to the purpose of the medication, as well as exactly how it is to be taken and if any adverse side effects are associated with the drug. Medications carry warning labels that should also clearly state any potential dangers associated with the product.

Medical malpractice medication errors are definitely not small matters as many have fatal results. Other mistakes cause severe illness and patients wind up in worse condition than they were in before they received medical care. If a particular incident involves negligence of some sort, the person affected may file a personal injury claim in an Iowa civil court to seek compensation for damages.

Source:, "6 Tips to Avoid Medication Mistakes", Accessed on Aug. 2, 2017

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