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Parents say doctor errors caused their daughter's death

When parents in Iowa (or anywhere in the nation) entrust their children to medical professionals for care, they have the right to reasonably expect that those treating their loved ones will act according to the highest levels of accepted safety standards and procedures. This goes for dentists as well as medical surgeons. In a situation in another state, parents of a toddler age girl say doctor errors cost their precious child her life.

The child underwent oral surgery under general anesthesia. After she died, her devastated parents determined through their research that, not only was the anesthesia not necessary, but she did not even need surgery in the first place. An independent forensic odontologist substantiated that claim when he reviewed the dentist's records and said there was not enough evidence of tooth decay or other problems to warrant oral surgery.

The dentist fought back, saying the odontologist was not a pediatric dentist; therefore, his opinion on the matter is irrelevant. He also claimed that, at one point, the odontologist agreed to amend his report to include a statement that the child's surgery was indeed necessary. However, such an amendment has never occurred.

Doctor errors often lead to severe injuries and sometimes devastating situations in Iowa like this one -- where parents lose a child when all they were trying to do was provide appropriate care by trusting medical professionals to help. An Iowa medical malpractice attorney can advise anyone in this state wishing to file a legal claim against a party or parties deemed responsible for a medical injury or death. In cases of minors, parents or legal guardians may act on their behalves to seek justice in court.

Source:, "Dentist Calls Media Stories on Toddler's Death Defamatory", July 19, 2017

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