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Man wins lawsuit in wrong-site surgery accident

For many Iowa residents, the apprehension preceding a surgery can be overwhelming and stressful. On top of the regular anxiety regarding treatment and recovery, due to the high number of medical errors in the U.S., some people may feel extra nervous about the possibility of a wrong-site surgery accident.

For one Pennsylvania man, this nightmare became a reality when he went in for a seemingly straightforward surgery back in 2013. After experiencing persistent pain in his testicles for 15 years, the man went to a doctor to see what was wrong. An orchiectomy was recommended when an ultrasound revealed that the man’s right testicle had suffered permanent damage following a previous injury.

At a later date, the man went to a local hospital to have surgery, however, instead of removing the atrophied right testicle, his doctor accidentally removed his healthy left testicle. Upon realizing the error, the doctor offered a false explanation of events and a lawsuit was filed. The man’s attorney said that while his client still experiences some pain, he also fears any additional treatment after the incident. The man was awarded $870,000 in compensation for pain and suffering as well as punitive damages. While it is still unknown exactly how the mistake occurred, the doctor responsible for the error is no longer working at the hospital where the surgery was performed.

Even though the victim in this case did not suffer loss of life, the consequences were still substantial and debilitating to his quality of life. For people who have experienced a traumatic medical error, contacting an attorney is an effective way to navigate the legal process and learn about compensation possibilities.

Source: CBS News, “Man awarded $870K after doctors remove wrong testicle,” June 19, 2017

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