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June 2017 Archives

Are hospitals taking cybersecurity seriously?

Like credit card companies or retail stores, hospitals owe it to their customers to protect financial information to protect against identity theft and fraud. Unlike those institutions, hospitals may be in possession of data so sensitive it can make the difference between life and death.

Diagnosis of mild brain injuries

Any suspected brain injury is a serious issue that needs attention immediately from a medical professional in Iowa. In the case of mild brain injuries, the Brain Injury Association of America states that "mild" does not refer to the amount of damage done but refers to the cause of the injury. A mild injury can still cause severe effects.

Astounding death toll from medical mistakes

It has long been a challenge to collect accurate data when it comes to medical mistakes. Hospitals are reluctant to admit responsibility for any number of reasons. When hospitals hide information concerning fatal errors, they help perpetuate them. It is impossible to know where to direct safety efforts when the dangers are all hidden.

Heart disease fatality rates vary by location

In 1980, heart disease was responsible for an estimated 507 deaths for every 100,000 Americans. By 2015, that number had been trimmed to 253 deaths. The medical community has waged war on cardiovascular disease for 35 years, and in many respects they are winning. While the various forms of heart disease are still the number one cause of death, totaling 846,000 deaths in 2014 alone, the concerted effort has produced impressive results. Unfortunately, those results have not reached the public in a uniform manner.

What are some common surgical errors?

If you are getting ready for a surgical operation, you may have all sorts of worries, from negative experiences during the operation to the recovery process. As a patient, you expect your physician to take care of you. Sadly, some surgeons in Iowa have upended the lives of their patients due to surgical errors. Whether you are preparing for surgery or recently had a procedure performed and think the surgeon may have made a mistake, it is vital to understand some of the common surgical errors that occur.

How can I protect myself from medical errors?

One common reason why you may avoid seeking out medical care in Iowa is the number of medical negligence and malpractice cases you keep hearing about. According to, the “third leading cause of death in the country is medical error.” As prevalent as these situations are becoming, you should not let them deter you from doing what is necessary to improve and maintain your health. Doctors and health care professionals work in a variety of medical settings and see many patients each day. Many of these professionals are tired and overworked which can lead to a breakdown in communication that often results in medical errors. 

Potential poor reactions or side effects of anesthesia

At some point in the life of a Iowa resident, surgery or procedures that require anesthesia might be necessary. While licensed anesthesiologists know what they're doing and hospitals take care to ensure that patients are being dosed properly, mistakes may still be made, or issues may arise that hadn't been predicted before the procedure.

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