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What are some common doctor errors?

Errors made by doctors are a concern for anyone in an Iowa hospital. Humans make mistakes, and doctors are human, so you have to expect issues will occur from time to time. Unfortunately, medical errors are an all too common occurrence. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of common errors and take steps to protect against them.

CoverMD notes that health care mistakes can raise costs because they increase the costs of medical care needed and malpractice insurance for medical providers. Mistakes can take many forms. Oversights in care can lead to you not getting the proper tests to diagnose serious conditions, being medication being wrongly administered or having your baby put in danger during delivery.

Improper training or experience can also lead to serious errors. A technical mistake during surgery could lead to internal bleeding that can kill you, or a nurse could give you your medication incorrectly. Not monitoring patients’ vital signs after surgery and delaying tests are other things medical providers may do because they do not understand the risks they are putting patients at by not taking these actions.

While all mistakes may not lead to terrible outcomes, many do, and when this happens, the outcomes are usually severe. People have died due to medical mistakes or been left in states where they cannot care for themselves any longer. While it is ultimately the responsibility of the medical professionals to keep you safe, you can do your part by verifying information and asking questions about your care, especially if you feel something is not right. 

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