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More than 50 people file suit against clinic for misdiagnoses

Being diagnosed with an irreversible condition can be devastating, but it is generally better to have a diagnosis sooner, rather than later. Early diagnosis may increase the options for treatment to slow the disease's progression and it gives patients as much time as possible to make decisions about their care and future.

However, an early diagnosis is only good when it is accurate. Misdiagnoses can be devastating. Not only can they make treatment ineffective or potentially harmful, they can also cause considerable - and irreparable - damage to patients and their families. This is what more than 50 people are dealing with in light of their inaccurate Alzheimer's disease diagnoses.

Reports indicate that dozens of people originally visited the cognitive clinic to discuss brain injuries, but instead they were diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The person who made the diagnoses, however, was a woman who was not authorized to order tests, treat or diagnose patients. She is not a licensed doctor; she has her doctorate degree in physiological science.

Several of these patients have since had testing completed that shows they do not have Alzheimer's, which is undoubtedly a great relief. However, it doesn't undo the damage caused by the wrongful diagnosis. Patients fell into depression, quit their jobs or sold off their assets in light of the original diagnosis. In one case, a man committed suicide.

The clinic has since closed, which is critical in protecting future patients from suffering through a similar catastrophic situation. Unfortunately, it came too late for the more than 50 people who were victims of misdiagnoses, which is why they are filing a lawsuit against the woman, the clinic's owner and its former director. Criminal charges may be filed as well.

If you have been misdiagnosed, it is important that you take seriously your right to seek legal remedies and compensation to acknowledge the considerable damage caused by wrongful diagnoses. Doing so can make it possible for you to get the closure and money you need to recover from a misdiagnosis. For more details and advice from a legal perspective, you can contact an attorney experienced in medical malpractice claims.

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