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Medical malpractice in the emergency room

You will likely find yourself in an Iowa emergency room at some point during your life. While emergency rooms are supposed to be a place for healing, they can also be the scene of doctor errors and mistakes that can lead to serious consequences. While we at Galligan Reid, PC, understand the stress and pressure medical personnel face in the ER, we also understand that in some cases, it is pure negligence that leads to harm. When deciding if you have a case, you need to determine if negligence occurred.

According to, incorrect diagnosis or medication errors are common in ER settings. This is due to the large numbers of patients being seen and the rate of speed at which medical personnel is expected to work. Doctors may spend only a couple minutes with you, leaving the rest of your care up to interns, nurses and other lesser trained individuals. All it takes is someone misreading your information for them to make a mistake.

Another major issue is not being seen fast enough. In general, ERs operate on the notion of treating the most severe patients first. However, if you do not know your condition is severe, you could suffer from having to wait too long. For example, a concussion may seem minor at first but could end up being a severe situation. However, the state of your condition could only be known after you have been seen by a doctor. Many times it is difficult to properly assess a condition in the few minutes of triage that are given when you first enter the ER. For more information about medical malpractice in the ER, visit our website.

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