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Iowa rehabilitation center receives equipment for brain injuries

After someone suffers a brain injury, their life many change in many ways. On top of forgetfulness, headaches and other physical and mental problems, brain injuries can also have a negative impact on peoples' financial future. In Polk, and other cities throughout the state of Iowa, suffering a brain injury may force someone to take time off work, which can result in financial hardships.

A rehabilitation center based in Iowa recently received equipment to help people who have suffered a brain injury recover. The equipment, which includes a $36,000 bicycle, was obtained by the rehabilitation center as a result of an organization that was founded in 2012. Over a four-year period, the foundation raised over $500,000.

For brain injury victims, accessing equipment that can aid in their path to recovery is often difficult since it is so expensive. However, some who are trying to move forward after a brain injury can take advantage of the equipment at the rehabilitation center in Ankeny. For one woman, the facility's bicycle has helped her get back some control of her muscles and cardio endurance that a brain injury had taken away.

As if recovering from the mental and physical consequences of a brain injury is not difficult enough, financial problems and other challenges can make daily life incredibly tough. Because of the difficult nature of brain injuries, people in this position should evaluate their situation and take advantage of any helpful resources. For some, discussing what they have been through with an attorney could provide helpful insight.

Source:, "Foundation Brings New Therapy Equipment to Metro," Megan Reuther, Feb. 16, 2017

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