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Preventing a medication error

As a patient, there are a number of medical professional mistakes you may encounter, such as a doctor's failure to diagnose a serious health condition. However, at Galligan & Reid, we know that medication errors are particularly problematic and have turned many lives upside down in Polk, and across the state of Iowa.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are different ways you can try to prevent a medication error. For example, you should keep a thorough list of each drug you take, even herbs and those which are sold over-the-counter, and tell your doctor to prevent an adverse interaction. You should familiarize yourself with the drugs you consume and ensure that you take the appropriate dose. Furthermore, if you think that something may be wrong or have any questions related to your prescriptions, such as how often you are supposed to consume a drug, you should immediately contact your pharmacist or physician.

Unfortunately, you may experience a medication error even if you do everything in your ability to avoid this dangerous problem. Whether you take the wrong type of medication, too much of a certain medicine or consume a medication that has a dangerous interaction with another drug you are taking, the outcome can be devastating. If you are suffering with physical pain, a serious health condition or any other hardship that was brought on by a medication error, you should not be afraid to stand up for your rights.

On our prescription drug errors page, you can take a look at more information related to medication mistakes.

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