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Being misdiagnosed can cause additional problems

If you are going in for a regular checkup or to find out what is causing some worrying health symptoms, you have every right to hope your doctor accurately and quickly discovers anything wrong. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for patients in Iowa and elsewhere to be misdiagnosed. At Galligan Reid PC, we are aware of the potentially serious complications that can result from a missed diagnosis. If your doctor does not discover an illness or says you have something other than what you have, you might miss out on timely medication or be given the wrong type of treatment. It goes without saying that the longer you wait on a serious illness, the worse your prognosis and recovery might become.

In a recent medical study cited by CBS News, it was discovered that about 12 million adults who visit their doctors’ offices or outpatient clinics are misdiagnosed every year. About half of these misdiagnoses have the potential to cause serious medical issues, including a worsened condition or death. How might your doctor, whose judgment you likely trust, make a mistake on diagnosing your symptoms? Your physician might order the wrong type of test based on your symptoms or make a mistake interpreting your test results. Some illnesses mimic those of less serious conditions – for example, your doctor might say you just have a bad cold when, in fact, you have a severe bacterial infection requiring immediate antibiotics.

Many diseases necessitate immediate and precise treatment, including cancer, Lyme disease and appendicitis. Other illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, are difficult to accurately diagnose. You might be diagnosed with numerous other ailments and given a variety of ineffective treatments before you finally get the correct answer. In this way, you could suffer needlessly for months or years. It is important, and sometimes lifesaving, to receive an accurate diagnosis. You may learn more about diagnostic medical mistakes by visiting our page on delayed and missed diagnoses.

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