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Children and medication safety

When Iowa parents have a sick child, their first priority is working to get that child well. They trust medical professionals to do the right thing for their children and to be particularly cautious when prescribing treatments and medications. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go awry, and children may suffer as a result.

In fact, safety in pediatric medicine is a major concern among health care professionals. In some cases, adult models of care are inappropriately used when it comes to treating children for illnesses and conditions. One significant area is that of prescribing medications to children. A drug that may be appropriate for an adult may not be for a child. Similarly, recommended dosages for children and adults are likewise often very different.

Unfortunately, failure on the part of physicians to understand pediatric prescribing protocols sometimes leads to medication errors. The results can be devastating and may contribute to a worsened medical condition. The entire family may be affected. Parents may have to take time off from work, or even quit their jobs to care for a sick or disabled child. A permanent disability may affect a child's ability to lead a normal life or to obtain gainful employment in the future.

Medication errors can constitute medical malpractice under certain conditions. If a child becomes ill or dies as a result of being prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dose, an attorney representing the parents will need to establish that the health care practitioner or facility failed to exhibit the requisite standard of care. This is often done through the testimony of medical experts.

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