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September 2016 Archives

Surgeon admits to lying during medical malpractice trial

Iowa residents may be shocked to learn that a distinguished surgeon has admitted to lying under oath during a medical malpractice trial. The South Dakota doctor says that he lied while testifying on behalf of one of his medical partners who had been sued by a patient left permanently disabled after an operation. The patient lost the case.

Protecting consumers from harmful cosmetics

In recent years, a number of lawsuits have been filed on behalf of individuals who have suffered chemical burns, hair loss and other challenges simply because they used certain cosmetics. In particular, a number of popular hair care products sold to both men and women have resulted in significant injuries.

New federal recommendations address driverless car safety

Iowa farmers are discussing automated tractors. Driverless Ubers are being tested on the streets of Pittsburgh. But until this week, the federal government had little in the way of regulations addressing the new technology.

Samsung recall raises smartphone safety concerns

If you own a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, power it down immediately and visit Samsung's website to see if your phone might have a defective battery. The recall of 1 million smartphones announced last week was prompted by over 100 reports of phones overheating and bursting into flames, resulting in burns, property damage and even house and car fires.

The difficulty of identifying hernias in imaging tests

According to a hernia specialist who spoke at the 2016 annual meeting of the Americas Hernia Society, radiologists often overlook inguinal hernias when they are unable to identify them using imaging tests despite patient symptoms that suggest them. A radiologist replied that they may notice but not report on certain inguinal hernias. He said that the link between pain and the existence of these types of hernias is not conclusive. However, based on the specialist's recommendation, patients in Iowa and throughout the country might want to have additional imaging tests done if they have hernia symptoms.

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