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Radiology and medical malpractice

In order to accurately diagnose the conditions of their patients, many Iowa doctors rely on imaging technology. Sometimes, radiologists read the images incorrectly, resulting in patient harm caused by failures to diagnose, delays in diagnoses and incorrect diagnoses. If you have suffered because your images were read incorrectly, you may be able to recover damages through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Several things may lead to inaccurate diagnoses with imaging technology. Sometimes, people's images are mixed up with those of other patients. Communication problems between the medical staff may also cause an issue. In some cases, the images are simply not read correctly. You will need to investigate to determine what happened in your case.

You will need to be able to review the medical documentation and the images in order to show that medical negligence occurred. Medical reports are often difficult to read and understand due to the complexity of medical terminology and codes that are used in hospitals and doctors' offices. This may lead to your needing to retain a medical expert for a review of the information contained in your medical records.

At our law firm, our attorneys understand how to help build their clients' medical malpractice cases. By taking the time to thoroughly investigate and review the medical records, we have a better chance of recovering damages for our clients. We regularly use the services of medical experts in order to help us determine whether negligence happened in our clients' cases. If you have questions about your own case involving possible errors with imaging technology, you may want to review the information we have provided on our radiology error page.

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