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September 2015 Archives

Holding a drunk driver liable following a drunk driving accident

Being involved in any type of motor vehicle accident can be a very serious event for residents in Iowa and elsewhere. In some situations, it may not be entirely clear what caused the collision; however, in others, it can easily be determined that the negligence of a driver was the cause. With regard to drinking and driving, when a driver fails to drive below the legal blood-alcohol limit, he or she could be held responsible for the accident resulting from their intoxication and any injuries, losses and damages arising from it.

How can bicycle safety be increased?

Riding a bicycle is both a way to enjoy time outside and a means of transportation. No matter the reason Iowa residents choose to ride a bike, the fact is that this activity comes with some risks. Depending on where a biker is riding, he or she might be traveling on the road, in a bike lane or even on a sidewalk. No matter what surface a cyclist is traveling on, he or she is likely to travel near automobiles and traffic. Because of this, the risk of an automobile-bike crash is present, which makes it important for both drivers and bicyclists to exercise safety.

Concerns regarding the high rate of bike-car crashes in Iowa

Although the summer months are coming to an end, Iowa residents often continue with their outdoor activities such as bicycle riding. In fact, many residents will continue to travel by bike well into the winter months. Because of that, it is always important for bicycle safety to be considered. Bike riders should understand the rules of the road and where and how it is safe for them to travel. Additionally, drivers should always be cognizant of bicyclists traveling on or near the roadways throughout the year.

Hours of service violations and truck driver fatigue

As previous posts have highlighted, federal trucking regulations have been passed to address safety concerns regarding large trucks that travel on roadways in Iowa and states across the nation. Additionally, these regulations provide mechanisms to ensure that trucking companies and truck drivers comply with certain safety standards. Even though the violation of these rules could subject the driver and company to fines and other penalties, certain rules get violated frequently, causing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to consider ways to better enforce these rules.

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