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Teen drivers and car accident risks during summer

Summer is an exciting time for residents in Iowa and other states across the nation. It often means school is out, family vacations and several national holidays to celebrate with cookouts and fireworks. Despite it being a joyful time, there are downsides, dangers and risks during the summertime, including an increase in car accidents.

With school out, there is a surge in teen drivers on the road. Moreover, there is an increase in road traffic due to vacations and celebrations throughout the summer months. Accidents risks during summer are often attributed to teen drivers. In fact, the leading cause of death for teens during the summer months is car accidents that involve teen drivers.

According to recent statistics, roughly 260 teens die is automobile collisions during the summer months, which is approximately a 26 percent increase when compared to the rest of the year. Moreover, nearly half of all teenagers are involved in a car crash before they graduate high school.

There are many concerns when it comes to young drivers, but the ones that top the list include distracted driving, texting and driving, reckless driving and drinking while driving. To address these forms of negligence, steps should be taken to better educate young drivers. Parents should make sure their teen drivers are driving a safe vehicle and have participated in a safe driving program. In addition, parents should restrict driving hours, insist that their children wear a seatbelt and control driving privileges based on the teen's driving record.

While measures could be taken to reduce accident among teen drivers in the summer months, these accidents unfortunately still occur. When a young driver is involved in a car accident or an individual is harmed by a teen driver, it is important to understand the cause. This could establish fault and liability.

A personal injury claim following a car accident could help an injured victim with medical bills, lost wages and other related damages. A thorough investigation could help injured victims compile the evidence that they need to move forward with any legal action available to them.

Source:, "Teen driving safety especially important during summer," Karen Wrolson, Accessed on June 29, 2015

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