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Are certain drivers more prone to injuries in a car accident?

Are certain drivers prone to more serious injuries in a car accident? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, older adult drivers are at a higher risk for suffering injuries in a car accident. A study indicated that is 2012, more than 5,560 older adults were fatally injured in car crashes while more than 214,000 were injured.

Those drivers between the ages of 70 and 74 are the highest risk age group among older adult drivers. This is due not only to their susceptibility to injuries and possible medical complications but is also because they are among the drivers that have an increased tendency to get into crashes.

What can older adult drivers do to reduce their chances of serious and even fatal injuries if they are involved in a car accident? The study points out that this age group already takes proactive measures to improve their safety such as using seat belts, driving when conditions are safest and avoiding impaired driving. It is suggested that older drivers should ensure that they are healthy and able to safely operate a vehicle. This could mean review medicines, having routine eye exams and exercising regularly to promote flexibility and strength.

While it is unfortunately difficult to prevent automobile collision, especially those involving a negligent driver, it is possible to take certain steps to ensure the safety of occupants in a vehicle. Although this can help avoid severe and fatal injuries, this may not prevent all injuries from occurring. No matter the age of a victim, those harmed in a car accident should understand their rights and options regarding remedies and holding a negligent driver responsible for the losses and damages they caused.

Source:, "Older Adult Drivers," accessed June 1, 2015

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