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Iowa high school simulates DUI crash for prom-goers

Many are aware of the dangers that drinking and driving can present. A driver's ability to safely drive and maneuver a vehicle is compromised when a driver has consumed alcohol beverages. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated does not only risk the life of the driver and occupants of that vehicle, but it also presents some grave risks to others traveling on the road by automobile, bicycle and on foot. And while it is known that a drunk driver could cause an accident, all drivers, especially young ones, should understand how they could make responsible decisions.

Due to their impending prom, high school students in Davenport, Iowa, recently watched a simulation of a deadly drunk driving accident. Iowa firefighters, first responders and other emergency crewmembers helped stage the scene of a fatal head-on collision involving a drunk driver. In order to show students what could happen if they drink and drive, the staged accident displayed someone who was laying on the hood of their car after being thrown from their vehicle.

The staged scene served as a reminder to students to make the right decisions because one-third of fatal teenage car accidents involve alcohol. Statistics indicate that 54 percent of students consume four or more alcohol beverages on prom night. Moreover, roughly 90 percent of teens believe that their peers are more likely to drink and drive on prom night.

An alcohol-related crash, no matter the age of the driver, could result in criminal and civil liabilities. While the driver could face harsh criminal penalties for causes a drunk driving accident, the driver could face civil suits for injuring of killing others in the incident. Victims of a DUI accident could file a personal injury claim for the injuries, damages and losses caused by the accident.

Drinking and driving is a serious and very dangerous situation. Drivers who believe they are too intoxicated to driver should find alternative transportation such as a friend or a taxi. Those unfortunately involved in a drunk driving collisions should understand their legal options available in their situation.

Source:, "Gruesome simulation aims to help prom-goers realize drinking and driving risks," Katrina Lamansky, April 23, 2015

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