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Holding a truck driver or truck company liable after a crash

It is an unfortunate reality that accidents occur daily on Iowa roadways. While some of these collisions are minor and involve little to no damages or injuries, other are very serious, impacting numerous drivers and passengers on the roadway. One type of accident that frequently causes a large accident site is a truck crash. Although large vehicles such as semi-trucks are beneficial for commerce in Iowa and states across the nation, these vehicles can be the culprit of a serious and even fatal collision.

Our law firm understands the tragic aftermath that could follow a truck accident and we have helped victims and the loved ones of deceased victims take legal action to hold a negligent truck driver liable for the incident. A wrongful death suit or a personal injury claim could hold drivers and trucking companies accountable for the injuries, damages and deaths caused by the negligent or reckless acts of a truck driver or a trucking company.

Litigation arising from a truck accident can be complex, and our attorneys have the skills and resources to initiate and navigate a suit. With over a quarter of a century of experience successfully representing victims and their loved ones in trucking accident cases, our attorneys are knowledgeable about the applicable laws, details and evidence that help victims recover compensation owed to them.

Federal trucking laws aim to reduce and prevent incidents such as truck collisions. If it is determined that a truck driver or truck company failed to comply with these regulations, this information could be used in a legal action. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and prepared to initiate a comprehensive investigation, helping to uncover details pertinent to a wrongful death suit or a personal injury claim.

Whether a truck driver was speeding, a truck was improperly maintained, an unauthorized truck driver was operating a truck, the load on a truck was improperly secured or a truck driver exceeded the number of driving hours allowed, this information could help victims in their legal action. To learn more about legal remedies available, check out our law firm's truck accident website. This could provide general information to victims and their loved ones.

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