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Is the fatality rate for car accidents in Iowa going down?

Drivers in Iowa do it on a daily basis; they travel on roads with other drivers in order to get from point A to point B. Despite this being a normal daily activity for most residents, for some, this could result in a tragic event. While it could be generally safe to drive on major highways, city streets and rural roads, serious and fatal car accidents to occur throughout the state of Iowa. This leads some to question the dangers present on the roads and whether traffic safety is improving in the state.

Is the fatality rate for car accidents in Iowa going down? According to report by the Iowa Department of Transportation, 77 fatalities have occurred due to car accidents this year. When compared to this date and time with previous years, this is an increase from the 76 fatalities reported last year at this time. However, this is a major drop from the number of fatalities reported in 2012, which were 104.

This site also reports seat belt usage in the accidents occurring just this year alone. Out of the 77 fatalities reported thus far in 2015, 32 involved seat belts while 29 involved no seat belt usage. Moreover, of those 77 accidents, 7 were unknown and 9 were not applicable because those fatal accidents involved motorcycles, pedestrians and cyclists.

So what does this tell residents about fatality rates involving automobiles in the state of Iowa? The data in this report suggests that although the number of fatalities a year has been going down since 2012, these incidents still occur. This means that drivers should be aware that he or she could be involved in a serious or even fatal collision.

When a driver, passenger or pedestrian is killed in an accident, loved ones should understand they have legal rights and options afforded to them. A thorough investigation of the accident site could help assign liability to a negligent driver. This could present family members with the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim in order to recover compensation to cover their losses and damages associated with the accident.

Source:, "2015 Iowa Traffic Fatality Count for 04/23/15," accessed April 24, 2015

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