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Reducing the DUI accident rate

While it is clear that there are some obvious dangers and risks on the roadways, drivers in Iowa should understand the types of accidents they could help to avoid. Alcohol-related collisions are a type of accident that could result in serious injuries, severe damages and even death. These accidents could be prevented through different measures employed through the state, law enforcement and education.

Drunk driving accidents are often described as tragic, because they are due to the negligence of another driver. However, some suggest that by implementing stricter regulations and education about the dangers of drunk driving, it may be possible to reduce the occurrence of drunk driving accidents

Reports by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that almost 30 people are killed every day due to an alcohol-related crash. Moreover, the annual cost of these crashes totals to more than $59 billion. Lastly, the report suggests that younger drivers, motorcyclists and drivers with prior DUI convictions are at the highest risk of causing or being involved in a drunk driving accident. Therefore, specific measures should be taken to reduce these risks.

First, zero tolerance laws for underage drinking should be strongly enforced. This may prevent DUI accidents caused by underage drinkers. Furthermore, taking away the license of any driver convicted of a DUI should be promptly done and requiring mandatory treatment for those convicted should also be considered. Lastly, sobriety checkpoints, providing community-based education programs and raising the price of alcohol by increasing taxes may help reduce DUI accidents.

Finally, the report suggests that certain areas are being researched. The reduction of the blood alcohol threshold to 0.05 is being researched. In addition, requiring mandatory blood alcohol testing after an injury-causing accident is also being considered.

While efforts have been employed, increased and altered to reduce the rate of DUI accidents, these types of crashes still occur. When an individual or a loved one in injured or killed by a drunk driver, it is important to understand the legal remedies available to them. Filing a personal injury claim or a wrongful death suit could allow them to seek the compensation they need to cover the losses and damages related to the accident.

Source:, "Impaired Driving: Get the Facts," accessed Dec. 1, 2014

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