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Preserving the evidence after a car accident

It is an unfortunate fact, but the fact is that accidents do happen. Moreover, those involved in a car accident are certainly not expecting to be involved in a crash, so they are often unsure of the steps they need to take following the accident. One major step that should be carried out is evidence preservation because it will assist in any claims resulting from the crash, helping to assign liability.

While drivers in Iowa do everything in their power to avoid a car crash, when one occurs, they should be prepared to collect evidence at the scene of the accident (if they are not seriously injured and are able to assess the scene right after the incident).

Collecting evidence helps prove cause and liability in the accident. If another driver was negligent, the evidence collected at the scene could help prove that. There are three important steps to take for preserving the evidence of a car accident.

First, the accident should be recorded. This means narrating the events that occurred in the crash to the best of your ability. This includes time, place, injuries suffered and the resulting damages. Next, pictures should be taken. Because all the details of the incident will not be remembered, pictures could help serve to illustrate the crash. Lastly, there should be a record of the physical effects suffered from the crash. This is commonly done through a physician.

These three steps are very important to take when collecting and preserving evidence, especially if a personal injury claim is filed following the incident. This could help them prove cause and liability, resulting in compensation to help cover the losses and damage related to the crash.

While there are important steps to take just following the accident, there are other important steps that could be done after the accident. Seeking legal guidance about the remedies available to an accident victim will help the injured party understand these steps and the process involved. It will also protect their rights and interests.

Source: Law Fuel, "3 Point Cheat Sheet For Preserving Evidence After An Auto Accident," May 27, 2014

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