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Head traumas could go undetected following a car crash

When residents in Iowa are involved in the accident, they often worry about their health and safety. Whether they are a passenger or a driver, a car accident could lead to serious or even fatal injuries. In some cases, a victim may not realize they were in fact injured in the crash. When a head trauma occurs in an accident, some victims disregard this injury or it could go undetected.

A brain injury is a common injury in a car accident and it is frequently unnoticed because some head traumas do not have visual indications of a serious injury. In some cases, symptoms do not occur right away and could take hours, days and even weeks to show. In order to better detect a serious brain injury following a car crash, victims and their loved ones should be aware or the types of brain injuries as well as their signs.

First, they could suffer either a closed or open head injury. An open head trauma means that the skull was actually fractured. This is often due to direct contact with a hard surface during the car accident. This type of injury often has signs such as bruising and lacerations or bleeding.

Second, a victim could suffer a closed head trauma. This brain injury is hard to detect and could lead to serious symptoms such as brain swelling. This could lead to even more serious or fatal results, so it is important to understand how to detect these injuries. Victims should look for signs such as confusion, memory issues, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, severe headaches and weakness or numbness on one side of their body. If these are present, they should seek medical attention for a traumatic brain injury.

A brain injury could cause the victim and their loved ones to suffer significant losses and damages. Recovering from a brain injury could be lengthy and might require specialized treatment. This could cause massive financial burdens and a personal injury claim could allow them to recover compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation and other damages.

Following a car accident, victims suffering a brain injury might have temporary or permanent disabilities. This could significantly affect their quality of life. In order to offset the physical, emotional and financial hardships caused by the accident, victims should understand their legal remedies such as a civil action.

Source: FindLaw, "Brain Injury Overview," accessed on Aug. 19, 2014

Source: FindLaw, "Brain Injury Overview," accessed on Aug. 19, 2014

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