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Rainy conditions cause two-car crash on Iowa Interstate

Drivers in Iowa understand that weather conditions often contribute to dangerous road conditions. Whether it is windy, snowing, hailing or raining, drivers should adjust their driving for inclement weather. In most cases, this means turning on their headlights, reducing speeds and double-checking their mirrors and blind spots. Failure to adjust during dangerous road conditions could result in a serious or even fatal accident.

Iowa State Patrol recently responded to a car accident that involved a pickup truck and a car. According to reports, the fatal crash occurred on interstate 80 in the afternoon. The driver of the car was traveling westbound on the interstate when they lost control of their vehicle. This caused them to strike the center median and reenter traffic.

When the car was back in its lane of traffic, a pickup truck struck the car from behind. Following the collision, authorities responded to the crash and assessed those involved. The driver of the car and three passengers inside the vehicle were injured in the crash. A fourth passenger was killed in the collision. Authorities reported that the driver of the pickup truck was not injured in the accident.

The accident remains under investigation, but officers stated that it was raining and the roads were slick at the time of the crash. It is not clear if speed was a factor and whether one or both drivers contributed to the crash.

Following a fatal crash, it is important to understand the cause. Once that is established, liability can be determined. This will help to determine whether a wrongful death or personal injury claim may be appropriate. Either type of civil claim could help those affected by the accident to recover compensation to cover damages such as medical bills, funeral costs and pain and suffering.

When a driver is negligent and not upholding a certain standard of care, an accident could ensue. This could significantly affect passengers and other drivers on the road. Those affected should understand what courses of action are available to them and seek guidance about these options, especially if they seek compensation to alleviate financial hardships related to the accident.

Source: KCRG, "Details Released On Fatal Interstate 80 Crash," Mark Carlson, April 14, 2014

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