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Iowa Department of Transportation warns of dangerous roadways

It is not uncommon for residents of Iowa to watch the news in the morning before their commute. This helps them determine the traffic conditions as well as the road conditions. When inclement weather strikes the roads, drivers need to be especially aware of these conditions. Whether it is a snowstorm, fog, heavy rain or ice, drivers should be weary about traveling. Avoiding dangerous roadways could help a driver evade a serious car accident.

Following the recent bad winter road condition plaguing the roads in Iowa and the Midwest, it was advised that residents should avoid driving during the current winter storms. The Iowa Department of Transportation warned that those traveling north of Highway 20 should avoid driving. The morning blizzard conditions created white outs, which created problems for visibility and snowdrifts building up.

It was reported that some roads resembled junkyards because many drivers had gone off the roads and several multi-vehicle accidents occurred on Highway 218. In addition to the bad snowstorm accumulating on the roadways, the high winds blowing 15-30 mph add to the dangers. This could make it difficult to control a vehicle as well as causing snowdrifts and low visibility.

When a driver travels in bad or dangerous road conditions, they are at risk of being involved in a collision. If a driver is negligent and fails to drive at a safe speed for conditions they could cause a serious accident. Those injured in a crash could file a personal injury claim against the driver at fault.

Whether it is bad road conditions or a driver failing to uphold a duty of care while they operate a vehicle, a victim of a car accident might have a cause of action. This could help alleviate them from financial burdens from medical bills and damages associated with the crash.

Source: KCRG, "Travel Not Advised in Northeast Iowa Today," Jan. 26, 2014

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